Wednesday 14 June 2023

Mindfully give up the habit of cribbing and keep counting your blessings


Correcting one’s behaviour is how we can 

Thoughtfully evolve our character 

While the changes in us are inevitable 

We can give them a direction to become a worthier person 

I have constantly forced myself to work in this direction 

Self analysing and reflecting 

And thus have decided to deal with the perennial human urge to complain 

and crib about everything that went wrong 

Well one would argue it is only human 

For it hurts when things don’t go our way

Despite trying really hard 

They just spiral out of control

I now argue with self that when anyways we can’t control them 

Let’s stop giving them all the importance 

The more we fear them 

The more they attack and track us

Instead let us focus our energies 

On counting our blessings more frequently 

Because often what we don’t have 

Suppresses so much that we have 

Counting our blessings 

Fills our heart with gratitude 

And makes us bubble with positive energy 

to fight the blues 

It is really wise to count them because 

Often we forget the treasure we already have 

To nurture it, to invest in it 

And help build it with all our love 

This practice keeps me sane 

In times toughest 

When I hit a rough patch 

I start counting my blessings 

On and on until I feel better 

And regain the power to fight back 

I give no value to the things gone wrong 

Believing firmly they too will pass

Striking a balance in my emotions 

Counting my blessings every now and then 

Investing my time where I am genuinely needed 

Gives so much solace and happiness 

I have consciously cut away myself from the show off world 

Neither do I engage in meaningless relationships 

Gracefully embracing being called out for my attitude 

I don’t want to explain it has taken some serious hard work to reach here 

Life is too short 

I don’t want to spend any moment complaining

So keeping the right company 

I just connect with whatever or whoever my heart connects with 

Take my word when I say this 

Mindfully give up the habit of cribbing and keep counting your blessings 

It will not only enhance your chosen human relationships

But will uplift you as a human being 

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