Tuesday 4 October 2022

On Dussehra I overcome all the Ravanas who wish to pull me down


Sometimes I fail

To keep me motivated

To keep smiling 

Despite inside my heart crying 

I still put on a brave front 

I still rise up and feel inspired 

Only to defeat those 

Who leave no stone unturned to pull me down

And I appreciate them 

For doing it so conspicuously 

That something dies in me each time 

Still, I keep them closest to my heart 

Each one of us has

These Ravanas in our lives 

Who play havoc with our minds 

Without us even knowing about them 

They can be our ego 

They can be our false pride 

They can be our inertia to get out of our comfort zone

Or it can be a near and dear one in our life 

Dussehra teaches us 

To overcome all these Ravanas 

Let them not decide 

Whether we are happy or sad 

This year most festivals or important days 

Have started on the wrong note for me

A tear has dropped here and there always 

And like always I have sucked it in, in silence 

So far I have 

Still kept hanging on 

But now I am hell-bent

To defeat all the Ravanas 

They do it to me 

Because I give them a reason for it 

Sorry but I am not sorry for myself anymore 

They have done enough 

This year I promise to myself 

To defeat all the Ravanas in my life 

With a strong heart and a few words

Until my last breath, I will smile despite all odds

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Truly Yours Roma

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