Thursday 6 October 2022

This may be my last birthday


Have you seen a girl 

Who has reached forty 

But still likes inflating balloons for her birthday

And order herself a cake and a tiara 

She is still excited about her special day

Thinking about how must she dress 

What all would she do

Whose phone calls she will await

Sounds crazy right 

Very immature and not age appropriate to some perhaps 

But that’s me, very typically me

And I will not like to change myself 

I celebrate each birthday of mine 

As if it is my last 

No regrets must remain

When I bid goodbye to this world 

Just one precaution 

Don’t burden others with your expectations 

It may lead to my own heartbreaking 

I would rather now, myself hum my heart’s tunes

Learned it over the years 

And am happy now with the way I have evolved

Can’t force and control all things 

But can be happy in whatever Lord gives 

Today is my birthday 

And like every birthday,

When I gift myself a new skill

This time I had trained myself in a new habit 


Yes, I am training myself to just let go, breathe and relax 

And be content and happy at the moment 

You have done great so far girl 

Happy Birthday dear me, you do deserve all the love of this world♥️

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Truly Yours Roma

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