Monday 19 September 2022

The Kindness Gene

There is a lake behind my home 

 Adjoining a deer park 

The surroundings are lush green 

And are perfect for my morns

I go there for my serene morning walks 

To meet my friends who are the ducks, the deers, the peacocks, and many more 

Always carrying something to feed them

And get a chance that way to speak to them 

They reciprocate with different sounds 

And now have started recognizing me well 

For as soon as they spot me

They start walking toward the metal grill that separates us 

Spending time with them is one of the best parts of my days 

It leaves my heart so full 

As I feed them 

And sometimes get to touch them 

We indeed connect through 

An often unspoken deep language of kindness 

Every living being on this earth 

Speaks from the heart and listens from the heart 

We may not identify this until later 

But once we do

It is the purest feeling 

For someone to experience 

It is a gift from Mother Nature 

And in my case 

Also from my own mother 

From whom I have inherited #thekindnessgene 

Growing up in her arms has taught me so much 

I have always seen her helping others 

As a banker’s wife and a huge extended family to support 

Her means were so limited yet her heart’s kindness knew no bounds 

On days I just saw her walk miles

To save the money she would have to spend on her commute 

But when she did take a rickshaw 

She always gave the rickshaw puller a rupee extra 

She never wasted a single morsel 

Even the last bit of rice in our home

Was fed to birds and whoever was thirsty

Came to our house to quench his thirst 

Her small gestures touched my heart 

How during the Navratri 

Though she never hired a Househelp 

She always fed the underprivileged children of neighboring help 

Unknowingly I have carried her legacy forward 

In many ways, I find myself a mini replica of her 

And I genuinely feel so humbled 

That her kindness gene I am proudly inheriting 

On her birthdays and death anniversaries still

I do things she genuinely believed in 

Carrying food and gifts to orphanages and old age homes 

I see her smile at me from the heavens above 

This post is a part of the #Thekindnessgene Initiative by Blogchatter.

Truly Yours Roma

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