Friday 16 September 2022

Something sure has changed in me

Something has sure changed in me 

And is it making me happy?

Of course yes it is 

At every stage of my life 

I have loved the new me 

I also love how quickly I adapt 

To the circumstances many times 

Not in my favor 

This trait has always been helping me stay afloat 

And rejoice over nothing in most games of life 

And has something in me 

Really changed?

Well yes, it may not have changed completely

But it indeed is gradually 

And the self-love advocate in me is accepting it  gently 

I feel calmer 

The turmoil is settling 

Self-doubt is giving a new place 

to self-belief, in all possibilities 

Perhaps I am aging gracefully 

I am no more lonely 

I have started loving my own company 

Of course, there are still some unfulfilled dreams 

But now the ways to fulfill them have evolved tastefully 

I have embraced life wholeheartedly with all its ifs and whys 

And that has changed in me the most 

I no more question, I accept 

And plan to do my best 

In that circumstance 

With a positive heart 

I am still learning though 

And have to do a lot more 

Am willing to turn the tide of time 

In my favor 

I am sure every battle of life I will surely conquer 

For I truly believe 

We are the ultimate saviors 

Of our own mental health 

And the best way is to smile wide 

Living life queen size till we are alive

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Truly Yours Roma

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