Monday 12 September 2022

There is inspiration in every nook and corner of India

 I love writing about people who bring an instant smile to your face whenever you remember them. Today I want to talk of a gorgeous, powerful, and simple elderly lady whose house I frequent in Nainital as an Airbnb guest in their ancestral heritage home. Though I know her for only about 2 years now she and her son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter are already families and it seems I know them for years.

My first acquaintance was with her extremely creative son who gave up a high-paying merchant navy job to embrace a life of his choice in his native Nainital with his family. The thought of following one’s heart and the will to do it with full heart and soul is in itself so inspiring. Sometimes I feel, I am much like him I can give up everything to lead a peaceful life on a mountain sucking in a breeze, hiking, and maybe writing endlessly. It is so heartwarming to see that our present generation has got the courage to embrace what they love and does not thrive more on materialistic pleasures. The roads they take are tough but not taken anymore. This young man dons many creative hats and is always on the lookout to learn more to unleash his creativity along with making ends meet for himself and his family.

But from where does all this courage stem from, it perhaps stems from his free-spirited and ever-smiling mother who not only helps her son run their heritage home but also runs an authentic organic honey and herbs business. She has immense knowledge of subjects like naturopathy and is always ready to spend hours with you talking and motivating. Spending time with her is therapeutic for me, I met her as a stranger and I stick to my belief that in this lifetime I have received the maximum love from strangers only. 

She is such an embodiment of inspiration for me. Losing one’s husband and kids weaving their own nests often women turn a recluse but not she. She is excited to know about everything including even the share markets. She is keen on aiding her son in his business as the pandemic has adversely affected almost everyone engaging with guests, guiding them, aiding them with recommendations, and by always being there for them.

I spoke to her yesterday and she told me she had just returned from a meditation retreat in Mount Abu Rajasthan. Isn’t that the way each one of us must live life until our last breath? In today’s fast-paced world, we often get trapped in sadness and sulk with all sorts of negative thoughts engulfing us. Sometimes we feel it is all over or plan to give up but that’s the juncture we must break free from the clutter. 

Travel to your favorite place on earth and connect to yourself. Life is beautiful, we just need to embrace it wholeheartedly. Sometimes your responsibilities will tie you down, but it is ok, be happy you are blessed with them. It is all about acceptance and making the best of our circumstances. Inspiration can be within or in anyone you meet, let that genuine goodness warm your heart and help you become a good human being.

Speaking to Asha Aunty gives me so much hope and the ability to hang on during the restless phases of my life which I am sure almost each of us faces at some point. There is inspiration all around us and within us. Let us see it from our hearts’ eyes and life becomes a lot easier.

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