Friday 7 January 2022

The Common Woman of India, the Real Inspiration: #TrueStories In #Causeachatter 2022


"All will be good soon, don’t worry, any illness takes time!” Raya tried to reassure me over the phone as her bones crackled with pain and her body shivered in a high fever. My heart went out to her. She has learned to take life in her stride with utmost poise no matter how difficult destiny made it for her. In fact, I am in awe of how she still is so full of life despite facing so many hardships. Born in rural India, there were umpteen moments when she could have succumbed to the circumstances but here she stands stronger and smarter beating all the odds with her willpower. So, yes she defeated COVID soon too like she promised me on phone and is back on her feet working hard to give her family a worthy life. 

She was born among three sisters and a brother and was always extraordinary in academics. Her elder sisters got married when they were really young and when the choice came that whose medical education fees her parents will be able to afford, her brother was the obvious choice. He completed his studies and started practicing. Raya still continued with her extraordinary passion to excel in her studies and right after her post-graduation started teaching Chemistry in a newly opened engineering college. Her parents were finally so relieved that they could fulfill most of their responsibilities. Soon, they married Raya’s brother who was blessed with a tiny angel. It was finally time to find a worthy groom for Raya who was doing so well in her career.

But destiny had entirely different plans. Her young brother was murdered in a bizarre incident by the angry relatives of a patient who lost his life. This broke her parents but grieved Raya took charge. She promised to take care of her old parents for the rest of their lives and she has stayed firm on it to date. 

In the coming years, she was married to a really nice, handsomely earning, young man who agreed that Raya brought in her parents to their home. They were soon blessed with a sweet little boy, by God’s grace. Raya’s joy knew no bounds, for the first time in her life she felt that perhaps the testing times are over and she can now lead a peaceful time with her family. Both she and her husband were doing good in their respective jobs and their little one was growing so well in his maternal grandparents' arms.

But her belief was soon shaken when her husband got diagnosed with depression and left his job. It was difficult for her to fathom the cause, she still tried giving her best and taking care of him. During all this, she also lost her father to ill health. Again she took charge and took upon herself, both the financial and emotional responsibilities of her family, leading from the front. 

She consulted the best physiatrist for her husband who got better with the right medication and started a new job in a new state. She too switched jobs and moved on with him with her son and mom. Through her hard work, she again carved out a good name for her in the new state where she had just begun teaching, in a school where her son too can study. Time has taught her to take any situation head-on with a smile,  no matter how adverse it is. She just smiles and moves on. She is the common woman of India who is a real inspiration. She to me is a real Superhero.

As years passed, her challenges till today don’t cease to end. Her husband is in and out of his mental health issues and keeps leaving jobs at the drop of a hat. Her mother is old and has had her knees replaced but tries her best to take care of her grandchild who is fairly independent now. Raya loves all of them and also herself. She loves to laugh, dress up and enjoy life. Never give up come what may, is her motto in life and I, her friend, could not have been more proud of her. I so wanted to bring her story to the world. I am sure you all will shower immense love on her. Our appreciation is the least we can do for her. I wait to see her smile as she reads all your messages in the comment section.

In 2022, I will be sharing with you many such real stories for I believe the common women of India are a true inspiration in every sense and their stories must come forward to touch our hearts and inspire us.

Truly Yours Roma

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