Sunday 2 January 2022

Birthday boy, thank you for not trying to be my husband

Happy Birthday my soulmate 

I am blessed to have you as my partner in crime 

and otherwise, for the major part of my life 

through the rough seas and joyful times alike 

I am so grateful to God 

For He knew I would not have settled for less

So to me, you, He thoughtfully conferred 

As an anchorage to my fleeting desires

From the first day, we met as teens 

To today decades later, a stolen glance of you still makes my heart skip a beat 

I am still so smitten by your charm 

which I am sure will not last in this lifetime 

There are so many things I wish to tell you 

Which I miss in our everyday banter 

With all its shares of ups and downs 

Sailing life’s journey with you is so worth my one 

I will so like to convey today 

I love(and hate) it when you pull my leg 

But having you as my worst critic 

Has kept me so grounded and focused

Birthday boy, thank you for not trying to be my husband 

And keeping the fire of our friendship and love burning 

I love fighting like kids with you the most 

As the desire to make up post the fight is so special 

Also, I hate to admit, 

I so look forward to our secret dates 

I wonder why ice creams don’t taste the same when you are not with me 

Or without you, I don’t enjoy a movie 

I know you are a busy man 

That’s what adds spice to our stolen time 

You make me desire to live a long life 

After all who would like to abandon your company 

I am lucky to begin my new year every time with your birthday 

It sets the mood perfectly 

Once again have a blast sweetheart on your special day 

May you live happily and healthily a hundred years

P.S. We are drinking non-alcoholic fruit champagne in the pic.

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