Wednesday 29 December 2021

What could be the best birthday gift for you I wondered..


💓As we finished our Yoga this morn 

Planning for your birthday celebrations was on my mind 

What could be the best birthday gift for you I wondered 

I asked you, shall I again weave words 

There is no reply, I have no clue what you thought

Perhaps I have written enough on us 

What else can I do for you I scratch my head 

Will my words not mean to you that much 

But then I realise 

Our eternal love has reached that stage 

No gifts, no words can do justice 

To my heart conveying to your heart an earnest birthday wish 

Let silence do it this time 

And our smiles do all the talking 

Intercepted by those precious grins

At every joke crackled 

May you live a hundred years 

My heart smiles and warmly conveys 

And your heart winks and adds 

May it be with you to complete us 

It’s time I send a silent wish in heavens above 

To confer you my love 

With loads of happiness and success and joy forever 

May you keep shining always my pole star! 

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