Wednesday 8 December 2021

Why I relate so much with Paulo Coelho's Books and always recommend his Literary Marvels

For years I have averted not penning my overwhelming feelings every time I soak myself in Paulo Coelho’s work. I don’t know the reason honestly. Every time I have read him I had related to his words so deeply and profoundly (apart from just a couple of his books maybe). His stories, his books, his musings touch the deepest corners of my heart and I feel I have felt many weird connect with them secretly on multiple occasions. The lessons are precious and the fiction impeccable.

Only he justifies my dilemmas in a very strange way and soothes my heart like no one else. For the entire time I drown myself in his writings I enter a different world that feels as unconventional as I am. Ok, I am sure I am only driving you crazy, or am I making sense to you for I know many of my bibliophile friends have safely avoided delving into his world not feeling the same connection but I have my reasons to love this literary genius. 

Let's talk about one of his relatively less famous works ‘Like the flowing river’ which is a collection of his musings on myriad subjects and trust me it gives me a different kind of high with each chapter which are hardly a couple of pages each but the topics are so myriad. The very first chapter made me ponder how genuinely I too feel my year too uniquely divides into three with ‘a lot of people’, ‘a few people’ and ‘almost no one'. Trust me until I read him I thought I am paranoid with weird habits like these but he makes me believe in myself and always makes me smile.

Below I am giving a list of some of my favorite books of the maestro for you all. They are a must-read in our lifetimes if you are a bibliophile or a new reader you must read some of his works to discover a new meaning to life. 

  1. Alchemist 
  2. The Pilgrimage 
  3. Like the Flowing River 
  4. Hippie 
  5. By the River Piedra 
  6. Zahir 
  7. The Fifth Mountain 
  8. Maktub
  9. The winner stands alone 
  10. Eleven Minutes

Each book is so unique, so precious, so soul-stirring on several fronts if you can get to the real depth of the tale. I am not writing about them at length for each one of them desires a detailed post separately no matter how briefly I describe them. Please feel free to ping me any time to discuss any of these and I shall be the happiest.

There is another thing so wonderful about his works. You can re-read them several times and they are capable of giving you deep new meaning and lessons each time you re-read them. I enjoy the phenomenon and get back to his world every time life decides to throw lemons at me and forget my pain. Also, you must be a certain age to understand his works better.

Most of his works involve deep research every if they are fictional weaves and this fine line between the real and fiction brings his works to life for the readers tantalizing their creative brain and emotions simultaneously. 

None of his books are made into movies so far and I genuinely don’t wish that either because books have a soul which touches each reader’s heart as he delves into the experience as himself but in a movie we see the director’s interpretation of the tale in a nutshell. I guess Paulo’s work will never be justified in a movie, let’s keep them raw as books forever.

I always say his books are a soulful parallel universe everyone must visit to enjoy something really ethereal. I love this Brazilian author like a real diehard fan and have to pen this tribute to him. 

This really came straight from the heart Sir! I wish you pen more and more such precious masterpieces.  I am so grateful to you for creating the universe of your books for us.

I insist, guys, do read as much as you can. It will not only secure your mental health but will also give you unparalleled joy.

Truly Yours Roma

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