Wednesday 8 December 2021

Life has been a true bliss in your arms

I want to live now hidden in your arms

There is no place so calm, so warm

I wonder what is making me transform

But I guess now I know what I want


This is quite unlike the usual flamboyant me

Perhaps an impact of stepping into my wiser years

Life is too short who knows in the next birth,

I may reunite with you or not


That is why my love, on our sixteenth wedding anniversary

I just want to sit peacefully and watch our nest cozy

Which we have weaved over the years with our love precious

Going through so many ups and downs together


It has always been and will always be

About little joys of life for me

And if these little joys are with you

They mean the world indeed


Honestly, every day with you has been divine

Our special morns and secret rituals

Hanging out together like our teenage years

Even today I am so smitten by your charm


May we get more and more of these

Weaving together infinite more memories

Fulfilling our secret dreams slowly and gradually

One at a time letting all the hindrance melt away


Ours is now a solid friendship of twenty-two years

Which only gets stronger with each passing day

Life has been a true bliss in your arms

Sending your way much love on our Anni my one

P.S. I wrote these lines on 5th December on our Anniversary, just felt like sharing them here in my personal space, also the pics above are of my second KhatronKeKhiladi stunt trial where I took hubby for an ATV Ride over a very difficult stretch, and trust me it was so damn difficult to manage this robust vehicle I had to try so damn hard but yes what fun. 

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