Monday 11 October 2021

The Mandatory Birthday Gratitude Post 2021

Hey my favorite people, I really missed you. Thank you for showering so much love on me on my birthday. You all are way too kind and need I say your wishes meant the world to me as always. I was truly overwhelmed. Here’s a little dedication to my world.

My heart is overflowing with gratitude today 

You have always given me unparalleled joy 

Thank you for taking out time for me 

You won’t believe how blessed I feel

To have you all as my virtual family 

Who has kept me standing firmly on my feet 

I am grateful for all the love on me you pour 

Whether it’s my birthday or otherwise 

I don’t know why they say Social Media is trash 

I have picked my family here of whom I am so proud 

You are a choice I made when I became public with my blog 

And I am glad I chose you all 

You are from where I pick my inspiration 

You don’t even know, you lift me in ways million 

I have always been a rebel 

Always picking up paths unconventional 

Acceptance was all I have ever desired 

Thus, with my words, I had knocked at your door 

And with open arms, you welcomed me in your heart 

Years passed and only stronger grew our bond 

Words fail me to express today

How deep gratitude I feel for you all 


You are a very significant part of my world 

And I shall always cherish the way me you hold 

Thank you so much once again 

For showering the baby in me unconditional love on her birthday

Truly Yours Roma

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