Thursday 30 September 2021

Why a piece of my heart resides in the mountains forever?


Very few people know

I spent my early childhood 

On the mountains 

In a pristine, unbelievably picturesque village of Almora 

The heavenly tiny place was called 'Maasi'

Where we lived in the only Pakka house of the entire locality

Around our home was our happy place 

Our beautiful home garden 

Where we grew our food

Gardening with mamma was my favorite pass time 

I owe my love for the greens to her 

I can till today feel how she caressed me and our water lilies alike, warmly

My mom was my treasure 

How I wish she would not have left me that early 

But God has a dearth of good people is what I believe 

I am not angry with him because I know in my heart permanently she resides 

Our home was surrounded by mountains in all directions 

Beautiful, serene, and lush green

As I soaked in the fresh air, I also soaked in pure joy 

Don’t know it was Mother Nature or my mom’s fragrance 

I guess a bit of both 

Which I still experience whenever I land on mountains 

I thus believe, a piece of my heart resides in the hills forever 

who keep me pulling towards them like magnets very potent 

I still remember 

A serene river flew behind our home 

Dad allowed me to soak my feet in it often 

Words fail me to express what those little joys of life meant  

I would throw pebbles in the crystal clear water 

and adore the myriad originating circles for hours 

Looking amused and excited at the same time 

Holding my little brother’s hand and smiling

Jatru kaka our Nepali help 

Narrated such worthy tales in his Nepali accent 

Hema lived nearby 

She was mostly found in our home 

She would often clad me into their traditional attire 

and tell my parents how I looked like a true Pahadan

I am not sure if my parents laughed over it then 

But I am sure in those years, I became a true Pahadan 

Honestly thereafter,  my heart always resided in the mountains 

At every opportunity, I went to them, running 

Later dad bought us a home in Dehradoon

And stronger grew my bond with the Pahads

As I watched Mussoorie hills from my home in Dehradoon foothills

I took my first steps to weaving words with souls 

Then life happened and took me all over the world 

But my core desire remained to live peacefully in my mountain home 

It holds true till today 

The chill breeze of the mountains gives me unparalleled joy 

The Sun there shines brighter than elsewhere 

As if Mother Nature is kissing us from the nearest 

I am just back from spending a little time with them

And am amazed to see how they have pepped me up

I was feeling low and sick when I had started 

After meeting them I feel as fresh as a baby 

No wonder a piece of my heart lives on the mountains forever 

and given a chance, I will love to spend the rest of my life there 

Sending this deep desire out in the universe 

Trusting it shall conspire, to fulfill my desire 

Truly Yours Roma

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