Monday 11 October 2021

How early should we start grooming our kids?


How early should we start working on our little ones so that they get a headstrong foundation? Perhaps this is one of the most frequently asked questions to me both as a mom and as a communication and creative writing coach to kids. 

While in my academy I accept kids of age six and above, I believe, a mother or even for that matter a dad can start laying the right foundation quite early on.

I feel a child is learning the most when he hasn’t started speaking as he is only listening so his or her grasping is several folds better. I used to read to my kid in my womb and also when he was born I continued to talk to him about all that I wanted to teach him in the form of fun conversations as they enhance retention. 

What I intend to say is your tiny darlings are like wet clay when there are born the sooner you start molding them the stronger and well-shaped they become. Also, I believe there is no better teacher to a kid than his own parents.

Our kids are our own reflections, so we must try to be what we want them to become. Warmth, compassion, gender equality, politeness must be the first qualities that must be engrained in them. Discipline is the second most important thing. 

Public speaking, creative writing, personality development, or their outshining in any other field shall automatically happen if they learn the discipline to pursue their art passionately.

For them to be able to explore what they truly love we must ensure their adequate exposure and keep a keen eye on what they are good at. 

Don’t put them in every class instead let them hone the skills they already possess, by getting them trained under experts. 

Remember initial basic grooming is best done by the primary caregiver of the child and by age four or so his or her training by a professional can begin if he or she already displays exemplary skills in a particular field otherwise give them some more time and let them just enjoy and explore their childhood in full. 

I used to be surprised when parents of two and a half-year-olds wanted me to groom their little ones in public speaking but I know they wanted their kids to train early. I never said no for even by being around other elder kids the younger ones picked finer nuances. 

So yes that’s why I say there is no start age to groom our tiny tots, they are continuously learning when they hang around us, it would be really wonderful if we can be worthy role models for them and focus on laying their foundation right as early as we can. Parenting indeed is hard work but is also unparalleled divine joy. Also, it is an ongoing process, at no stage can we slack even a bit in our responsibility. 

Truly Yours Roma

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