Wednesday, 20 October 2021

Health is Happiness-The most neglected truth in our lives

Last year and a half of the pandemic has changed many of us in different ways. One of the most important being our becoming sincere towards our health goals and kudos to that. We have never been more mindful of what we are putting in our stomach. So many vegetables and fruits have never consciously made it to our plate before. Not only that, fitness has quietly sneaked into our lives. We are doing yoga, brisk walking, running, pranayam and what not to ensure our immune system is strong enough and we keep a check on any extra pounds we have accumulated.

There is one more aspect of health which is equally vital and that is our happiness. Healthy weight and healthy food and healthy lifestyle are only perfect if we are in a happy state of mind in our lives. Happiness has different meanings for different people and it is undoubtedly not easy to stay happy always. But one must definitely indulge in what makes us happy. Sometimes, even happiness is not enough you need to add flavours of excitement  and innovative ideas to keep the zing alive.

Embracing your passions and pushing your limits is another way to get the adrenaline rush and let happy hormones secrete in your body. You have no clue how they secure your mental as well as your physical health. Trust me particularly we Indian women neglect our happiness and keep pushing it behind everyone else’s. By the time we realise our folly we are too late. 

Around September despite of having all the reasons to be happy I constantly experienced a void which perhaps was due to complacency. I am very good at setting goals and achieving them under all circumstances but in between I was missing to be excited and overjoyed. I took a month’s break for self introspection. A visit to the mountains to where I believe I belong was therapeutic and aided me reconnect. 

I discovered the new me and pushed myself to set new highs for myself, I cycled on a thin rope in air, successfully did Zip lining n several other arial stunts. Being in air in those moments I realised what I really desire. The next morn I sat readying my exhaustively detailed bucket list. Life is too unpredictable to not live every moment like it is the last. 

It is important for us to yearn to remain happy and make seeking happiness a habit. What can be more worthwhile. In our obsession for fitness etc. if we are stressed than we are missing the basics.Thus I felt a strong urge to remind you all that health foremost is happiness. In embracing the new we must ensure that the fundamentals are not missed.

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