Thursday 9 September 2021

An Anchorage to my Desires

DESIRES are like kites

They fly unhindered

Without an iota of fear 

Even in territories restricted

Though I am the one 

Who gave them the initial flight

But once they rise high

I only hold them through a string fine

The string of emotions 

Of an overwhelmed heart

Who knows it all

But yet awaits more 

Sometimes I don’t even know 

What I really DESIRE

But tears well up

Battling an unknown void 

That feeling when you have it all

Yet don’t know 

What’s really wrong 

Not even sure if I am the only one 

In this sinking boat alone

Why is it that my heart 

Is never satisfied 

I think, think and think 

That’s when I pull the string

After the flights of fantasy 

Into the unknown streets 

I embrace the reality 

I anchor my life 

My dreams on you

Because our lives are 

Indeed about just yoU ME and yoU

I find solace in your warm arms 

I remember how once 

You were my only DESIRE

I am glad it got fulfilled 

And see today how it gave birth 

To umpteen others 

My thoughts may wander and meander 

But you are their anchorage 

You are an anchorage to all my DESIRES

Our friendship of decades 

And puppy love blooming into eternal 

Is the power to my sinking ship 

I bear that smile forever 

For you and only you

For I remember how a lonely tear

that trips from my eye impact you

Have I ever told you? 

How much I cherish being with you

Letting the kites of desires take the flights 

Towards you now I have channelized my life 

Softy I had cut the string 

and set those kites free

Releasing them in the universe 

Let it conspire to fulfill them if they are worthwhile 

I am happy with our love

In the birth 

Rest all is futile 

You are the reason for my smiles 

So I will do what weaves forever UMeU

Sending to Almighty an earnest prayer true

Aid me to take charge and fill all voids 

With passion start fresh and anew 

May the kite of our love soar really high 

May each other we only DESIRE

Life is too short to sulk and lose moments precious 

Let’s just dwell in today together 

“This post is a part of ‘UMeU’ Poetry Blog Hop #UMeUBlogHop organized by 
Manas Mukul. The hop is brought to you by SoulCraft and You, Me & The Universe.”

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