Tuesday 14 September 2021

I Love You The Most, My Life

'Life', my love, I love you the most 

Every moment I yearn to live you to the fullest 

I know how valuable you are 

And the fear of losing you troubles me so much 

It’s terrible to live twenty-three days a month in excruciating pain 

Yet I always put forward my bravest front for the last twelve years

Smiling vivaciously hiding the mental trauma of  life-crippling endometriosis

Because I hate to see people give me pitiful glances  

Then why am writing about it 

Here, in my open diary 

It is because sometimes I need to speak 

It hurts to keep it all concealed 

With time and with every surgery my threshold for endurance has gone worse

But what has kept me going is my unparalleled love for you, my life  

You have prevented me from giving up 

And bounce back each time with equal vigor 

I know I am a fighter but honestly 

It is no bravery 

It’s due to my fondness for you, most sincerely  

That though I am slowly fading, I still get up each day passionately 

For I know how privileged I am to have you 

After having gone through so much, to be still sailing through 

It’s all thanks to you 

Life, my love, I love you the most 

Trust me when I say this 

I am trying my best bit, to do

All that it takes to be with you 

For as long as I can, giving my efforts full 

Both physically and mentally 

Dear life, I have always tried 

Pulling myself up looking the disease 

Straight into the eye 

I have believed in the power of training my mind 

On my fitness, I had worked day and night 

Despite the bitter hormonal pills 

Which send my life’s balance for a toss 

What is it if not my deep love for you 

That when paralyzed by pain 

And confined to bed for weeks and days 

I look for motivation and just pen and pen 

Till the painkillers make infinite failed attempts 

To make me feel better 

I hold on to the bleak ray of hope convincing myself 

This too shall pass 

I want to live, I really want to live, 

A long life with all its laugher and cries 

I adore you my life, every moment that I have 

I promise you, shall be full of love and strength 

That’s my promise to me too

To make the two most precious people in my life

To enjoy with me as long as I am with them in full 

So that they don’t miss later wifey and mommy 

You, Me and You dear life

Are meant to be together 

So don't you dare abandon me ever 

Life, my love, I love you the most 

P.S. Please pls don’t leave any sad comments, I only need your love and blessings 💗. You may read my articles on Endometriosis here, the more awareness we create about the ailment the better.

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Truly Yours Roma

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