Saturday 7 August 2021

Making my son worth giving his mom an autograph on his first published book

My eyes are moist to see my little boy
Who just turned an author
Unbox the author copies of his book
Which have just arrived
Freshly from his publisher

He opens the package slowly and calmly
With a twinkle in his eyes
His lips bear a natural smile
Holding a copy perhaps makes him feel surreal
As he rejoices, in the moment

He smells it and gives a sigh
So typical of an avid bibliophile
He has inherited his mom’s
unparalleled love for books
And today my boy holds his own

I am sure it’s an experience
of a lifetime for him
And he would forever
Cherish these priceless moments
As his first dream true

I ask him how does he feel
Trying to hide how proud of him
I have always been
He calmly replies
It’s only a beginning mommy

I smile at his understanding
And request him
a signed author’s copy
He happily autographs
his first published work for me

I would have read his weave
Umpteen times already
But to hold the hard copy
Of the book penned by my sonny
Made me speechless and grateful overwhelmingly

He also gave me
a hug and a kiss
Said the unheard thanks
with only his lips moving
I know he means it

My most eyes now give
Way to the tears of joy
Flow down in full vigor
My heart sings its own tunes
in this precious moment

You are mom’s pride, Arsh
You are truly special
very talented & gifted
Keep working hard my baby
You sure are meant to kiss the skies

Fingers were often
pointed to me
For not giving you
The right upbringing
In my own sickness & preconceived notions

My friends felt giving up my dream job
in Ikea of Sweden to rear you
Was not the right choice
But in those circumstances
I embraced my heart’s desire

Some said I over pampered you
Others hurled remarks why I kept you single
But when have I listened
To the society’s rules and ways
The rebel in me shall never adhere

I knew I was right
My grooming, my values are right
And a mom’s heart so full of love
For my child bright
Will always carve a path right

It’s not that I never failed
I had my share of tears as well
But I had the courage
To get up the next day and smile
You have embraced the same spirit for life

I am happy today you take both
successes & failures in your stride
And are a very balanced child
Never give up come what may
Whether your mom is there with you or not that day

Getting your autograph today,
on your first ever book
At the mere age of twelve
Made the journey of being
your mom, so worthwhile

My eyes are moist
Today my child
With the tears of joy
They are blessing you in abundance
To live a fruitful, happy, and healthy life forever


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