Monday 16 August 2021

Unearthing My Precious Jewels Series: Let Your Goodness be your Midas Touch

Never look for a shoulder to lean and cry 

Don’t expect your way, the world will go by 

Weak moments will come making you susceptible and prone but soon they will leave 

Exactly like happy moments retrieve 

Yes, you may feel low 

Sometimes the curt words may leave your heart sour 

It’s ok to shed a lonely tear 

But then you have to rise up my dear 

Never look for a shoulder to lean and cry 

rather take life’s lemons in your stride 

Wake up next morn with a wide smile 

Try to leave all negative energy behind 

Meditate and speak to your mind 

Pamper it with love so that it sees optimistic light 

Refresh yourself in the company of Mother Nature

To me, she is my mum who looks after me from heavens above

Let the cool therapeutic breeze caress you 

Or some music, whatever appeases you

Let all negativity and the vulnerability

To have somebody melt away gradually 

Try to do something good that day 

So that the goodness gives peace to your soul

Your goodness will be your Midas Touch of Empathy

And for your pain, the most soothing remedy  

The more people you will touch with it 

The more people you will turn of gold 

The gold which is purified by burning in a furnace 

To come out and shine brightest in its purest form

That makes one a noble human being 

Ready to spread happiness and warmth 

Similarly, burn your weaknesses and expectations in the same furnace 

And rely truly only on and only on your own mental power 

Train your mind and no matter how tough gets the going 

Never look for a shoulder to lean and cry

'The above is my mantra to secure my mental health in toughest times.'

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