Monday 16 August 2021

Let's talk about my 6 Six Published Books today: Unearthing my precious jewels

Everyone has a dream which is closest to his or her heart. For me, it is to remain alive in the hearts even of people long after I am gone. This is the reason behind my academy and this is the sole reason behind my published books. In this post, I am sharing a little something about my six books published so far, in case they interest you and you would like to give them a read.

Writing a book is always a unique experience and requires a lot of sincerity, hard work, and dedication and when your book sees the dawn of the day after a lot of hiccups that come its way, it is natural to feel overwhelmed. You are turned speechless and you don’t find words to express your feelings. Today is one such day for me as my 6th book, ‘I Live To Love You (2021)’ has got released internationally🥳

I live to love you' is an innocent love story of a prolific writer Aaradhya and a soulful painter Shamit. This romantic thriller explores Aaradhya’s unending quest for her beloved who vanished seven years ago mysteriously. Will the pure soul, ever succeed in finding her long-lost love? The tale is being narrated by Riya their best friend who secretively longs to be their third life partner and thus unknowingly becomes instrumental in something she should have never been a part of. Do check out this promising straight from the heart love saga which sure shall soak your heart in a million emotions. You can grab a copy at Amazon, Flipkart, or Notionpress.

2. Dare to Defy the Destiny(2016)

Being a small-town girl brought up in several states by my banker dad and homemaker mum, this book expressed my angst against all that I saw happening to women around me and I opted to become their voice. ‘Dare to Defy the Destiny’ is an eye-opening and thought-provoking sail through the lives of 26 beautiful individuals all like you and me. Swept by the tide of time and its vicious circumstances, they either dared to defy the destiny or perished under the burden of their unfulfilled dreams. It is my maiden endeavor to weave together my much-appreciated series of True Tales.
This book illustrates True Poignant Rumblings of Indian masses, some heart-wrenching while some undoubtedly motivating, with the aim to inspire each one of us to be the ‘Face of Change’ and put an end to all that our conscience fails to accept. Available here:

3. The Fragrance of True Love(2017)

It’s a beautiful love story of Priyam and Meer which will touch the deepest corners of your heart. I still cherish the raving reviews this one brought to me. This was my first ever work of fiction and is an enchanting tale of two hearts with a twist. Priyam, an avid writer, is a girl who is haunted by her traumatic past but is determined to stay positive and works extremely hard to give herself and her family a happy and comfortable life. However, she is a lone traveler in her journey and she likes it that way. She has built strong walls around herself so that none can hurt her bruised heart ever again. But what happens when true love knocks at her door? Is she able to fight her inner demons and embrace life or she perishes unable to do away with her agonizing past? Dive in to find out how Meer enters her heart in the softest steps and what destiny has in store for them. Available here:

3. Destiny’s Favourite Child(2018): This one is an unabashed autobiographical account of mine. You should read it to know how a girl child who listens to all the malicious ways of the world in her mother’s womb feels petrified even before her birth but still decides to survive and take the challenge. You should read it to know how despite destiny’s chosen games against her, she not only proves herself time and again but remembers to make her mark. You should read it to know how a commoner with zero support system still manages to live life queen size. Also, you should read it to know about this bold and beautiful’s rare ability to dream and Move Mountains to fulfill her dreams. Available here:

4. Empowered Women Empower Women(2019): The reasons why you must pick this indispensable non-fiction anthology of 26 thought-provoking real tales of the Unsung Sheroes of our society are infinite. You should read it to know how despite all odds these women, whom I met mostly through the medium of my communication skills academy, eventually achieved their goals. You should read it to discover how many beautiful souls around us lead by example for other women to overcome all the adversities of life and fulfill their dreams. You should read it to fathom why we have to empower the women of today to enable them further empower the women of tomorrow. Also, you should read it to stimulate yourself to make your contribution towards achieving gender equality in our society. This is a book with a strong purpose as I am a crusader and firm believer of Women Empowerment, this is very close to my heart. Available here:

5. Soulful Letters on Covid To My Future Grandchild: There was a deep thought that went behind conceptualizing this book. I contemplated for days how people may not take it well that a young woman whose son is still small, is penning letters to her unborn grandchild for decades later but somehow the desire superseded the fear of all speculations☺️Being stranded here in Vadodara Gujarat for two and half months now penning these letters from my soul was a deep inspiration that kept me going. There were hurdles each day and how we earnestly tried to overcome them...this book has a first-hand account of it all and everything right from how we were stranded and nervous in the first place. I have shared our vulnerability and our battles first hand in this book and how they have taught us priceless lessons for life. This also makes it a must-read for all of you who are in a similar boat and fighting a personal war every day during this pandemic which has an immense to send us down both mentally, physically, and emotionally. It also has examples of how making lemonade of all the lemons life is throwing at us in these times, can be our masterstroke in bouncing back to life. From personal anecdotes to heartfelt tributes, to a note on our national leadership, this book has it all, and no it not to brag about myself at all but to give you a fulfilling read during the lockdown to get an idea of how a fellow citizen is faring in this one of its kind social emergency in the entire world. Since I have penned it straight from the heart, I have this strong faith that this book will surely make a place in your hearts too. Do give it as much love as you have given to my earlier outings, it really shall mean a lot to me, and please write to me your earnest feedback it is vital to my evolution as a writer. Available here:💓💓😊😘♥️🎁

These six books are Truly Roma for you and you will find my heart weaved in these forever. In case you miss me ever you just need to search Roma Gupta Sinha on Amazon and you will find my soul in these books to embrace you with as much warmth with which I meet you today.

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