Monday 16 August 2021

Unearthing my precious jewels: The Trauma of a Orphan, an Inspirational Tale of an abandoned Child

Continuing the series by sharing a heartfelt piece I penned in 2014.

My association with Mother Teresa's Child Care Homes (as the Orphanages are called) dates back to my childhood and as I have grown up my connection to the lovely kids out there has grown fonder and deeper.

I clearly remember, for umpteen number of years now, my heart has been filled with empathy for all those lovely children, whose so-called near and dear ones abandoned them on the path of life. It is so heartbreaking that they just leave their tiny tots outside the child care center and flee, sometimes even dump them in garbage bins and so many other pathetic places. I don't doubt the circumstances in which they chose to throw away the most beautiful part of their life but I do believe they have possessed the most dis-compassionate hearts. I have felt a streak of pain deep in my heart for how they have mauled and ruined the childhood and innocence of their little one forever...

This blog post is about the true story of one such abandoned little girl, on whom the biggest atrocity of fate was that she knew the reason why her parents have left her alone in this cruel world...

Yes, her name is Maira and at the tender age of five, her mom and dad (I don't know if it is right to call them so) have left her on the roads of Agra City, mercilessly. And dear readers can you guess for what grave fault of my tiny darling.....??

Her gravest crime in her parents' eyes was that she stammered and so they will not be able to marry her off someday...What pity, when in India they would stop considering a girl child a burden to be meant to transferred to someone else thru' marrying. Anyways, I never found my Maira problematic, I rather felt her parents were sick, really sick My sweet Maira, was such an adorable child, she always hid all her sorrows in a locked corner of her heart and kept smiling gloriously. She had a beautiful smile that was enough to wash away all sorrows of the world. She was a real darling of everyone in the orphanage always ready to help others.

My little Maira, loved studying and she was undoubtedly a sharp kid and so the Child Care Centre authorities ensured she was given a fair chance in the means of what was possible for them. Though I always felt like family in this Mother Teresa Centre in Agra, with all the awesome kids out there, I always felt a little more closer to Maira. She was a few years younger than me, but the harsh world has made her grow up prematurely. As far as I was concerned at that point in time, I always saved all my Pocket Money to buys Gifts for them on Diwali and Holi and my Maira always informed me in advance what she really needs, as she knew her means and resources were really limited. Our fondness for each other soon culminated into a sweet and deep friendship of a lifetime.

My Friend Maira, was extremely nice and caring definitely worth an expression straight from the heart. I have never seen her uttering a word of complaint to the Almighty or to her parents. But I knew she was extremely traumatized behind her beautiful smile, as wide as river Nile. Every single moment she worked towards her sole ambition of overcoming her weakness of stammering, which she considered a curse of a lifetime on herself. She read a lot of books on speech therapy and wanted to become a Doctor. She would often tell me she wanted to set an example to others and give a lesson to fellow parents that they should not be playing with a child's emotions for a trifling cause like this. She was not able to forgive her parents.

But her road was tough extremely tough, tougher than anyone would believe for an orphaned girl. As she turned fourteen she had to move out of the Child Care Centre to a Charitable Trust's Girl Hostel. In some time she figured out that this place was nothing short of hell. This was a totally corrupt place with unending atrocities on abandoned adolescent girls. My Maira really did not know what to do and where to go until one day, realizing that all her dreams were dying an unnatural death, she ran away from the hostel.

She knew her friend was always there for her. She came to stay with us. This is when for the first time, I saw her going down on her knees both emotionally and physically, under severe pressure engulfing her from all directions and burying her in deep despair and vehement unbearable torture. I was so hurt by my dear friend's plight that I sought my dad's intervention. My dad fetched her a decent job in an All Women's Cooperative Society and with this began a new chapter in the life of my dearest Miira.

She started to work extremely hard both at her job and in her studies. Her hard work did not go in vain. In due course of time, she got selected in the medical entrance examination. There was no looking back. On account of her merit, her fees were borne by the Birla Education Trust. Step by step she then achieved various well-deserved milestones in her life...

Today several years later, she is a leading Speech Therapist of a famous Chain of Hospitals and is a leading social figure fighting for female child rights. One of my very best friends to date and a lesson to infinite others, she is a remarkable woman. Her extreme will and determination became her profound weapons to achieve her goals in life...

Did my Maira Left you inspired, do let me know in the comments below...Truly Yours Roma

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