Tuesday 17 August 2021

I refuse to prove myself to the world anymore: Unearthing My Precious Jewels Series

When I was born a female child 

I was gifted with the silent onus of proving to the world that giving birth to a girl was not my mom's crime

The first realization of my childhood

Was to prove to the world I was a girl good

It was not ok for me to soil my clothes

Or scatter my toys when sometimes, to play, I chose

In just a few years, my little brother was born 

I have to now prove to them, what a good sister I was, everyone warned

At that tender age, I probably didn't understand what proving oneself meant 

But gently yet responsibly I held his little finger, everywhere I went 

I grew up a little and the adolescent me 

Was asked not to mingle with boys as what everyone will say in the society 

I did exactly and mended a little girl's ways carefree 

To prove to them that for me nothing is more important than the respect of my family

At thirteen, puberty arrived depriving me forever of my status of being a child 

I accepted it well, proving to the world I was now a person who matured

I completed my education with admirable grades

Proving to the world the money spent on me was not wasted

Though finding a dream job was a cakewalk 

I have to prove at every step of my professional journey, to my male colleagues, that my skill was at par with theirs

Eyebrows again raised when with my love, I tied knot 

After umpteen years of successful marriage, today I prove to them love marriages too last 

With no support system at home,  when my little baby entered the world

I have to prove my motherhood by giving up all my dreams and ambitions

I did it all and for everyone around

Without a single complaint or sound 

But the world is still not satisfied

They crush my identity each day with pride

After standing strong on the testimonies of time 

And proving myself time and again 

I am now tired of this Proving Myself game 

Ending this perennial dilemma once and for all, I refuse to prove myself to the world anymore.

Please don't judge me,

I am what I am!


                              ~An Indian Woman

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