Thursday 26 August 2021

How Mandira Bedi and Shilpa Shetty Are Paving A Way for Indian Women To Take Charge, Against All Odds

   The last couple of months have got me thinking about how an Indian woman is changing in current times and the change undoubtedly is for her own good and the good of all. I am loving the gradual evolution and have been itching to write about the same and of course while the impressive common women may not come into our eyes every day, the celebrities do. I have never written about them ever before as I never felt a need but today I wish to write about two. Both indeed are epitomes of Women Empowerment in my eyes, in a very special way, as I view them. Considering their social status, they would have just let the things be, but instead, they took charge of their lives in no time, taking the adverse circumstances in their stride.

First of course in Mandira Bedi, I have always liked her for the way she has carried herself professionally and is a fan of her fitness. But the way she had put her bravest front during the untimely demise of her husband, lighting his pyre to save her ten-year-old son from the mental agony of the same, makes my head bow in front of her. Not only that she has immediately embraced working full time with a smile on her face as the responsibility of her son Veer and her adopted daughter Tara lies entirely on her. The smile on her face actually speaks of her deep pain which she has made her superpower 'to move on' with her husband’s memories buried in her heart forever. He now lives in her heart as her guiding light. She is truly a role model for so many. Gone are the times when a lady’s life was over with her husband’s demise. A lot of it also had to do with her financial dependence on men. So it needed a leap of faith on her part but today I am glad she has at least learned to be at par with her husband. Today, she is already sharing the financial responsibility and if she is not she is ready to assume the same in times of need exactly like her spouse would have been expected to up his parent game in case he lost her first. I admire the sheer grit and determination of this woman. Respect 🙌!

Another case is of another popular woman celebrity who has built her reputation over more than two decades and whose husband gets arrested in a pornography-related case. Yes, I am talking about Shilpa Shetty, mom to two cute kids, again. Of course, you are devastated when something like this happens and there were rumors doing rounds that she is hiding her face in shame. But why would she? I am glad she resumed work with dignity. Until we know, she knew all about it, she has all rights to resume work for herself, for her kids, for her family. While she has maintained a dignified silence, society and the media must not keep poking her and respect her privacy which is so denied to Bollywood stars as it is believed their fans make or break them so they have all rights to question. Well, that’s not the point here and I am not taking sides but I am talking of how she is acting exactly like a respectful woman must. She cannot be held responsible for her husband’s deeds. Glad she weaved herself back together in no time and is leading by example for so many more whose spouses must have landed them in a similar soup. Again, respect!

The point is about two women paving way for many other women who are ditched by death, time, or circumstances. They now believe in the show must go on. They are exhibiting traits that make one feel there was never gender inequality in the first place and I am so glad we are steering in the right direction. These are traits of empowered women beyond all doubts and one has so much to learn from them and many other women like them in society whom we don’t know about. 

We don’t have to shout slogans of feminism rather lead by example like them. That is true inner strength when we pick the broken pieces of our hearts and fight back despite being shattered mentally.

 No this isn’t false praise from another woman but a deep analysis by someone who has been unfortunate to see women including her mom suffer and suffocate from multiple quarters and die an unnatural death. I am so glad to pen this today that finally things are changing and changing for the good. Thanks, Mandira, and thanks Shilpa for believing in yourselves the way you are, you are motivating umpteen others phenomenally. I take a bow!

Truly Yours Roma

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