Friday 27 August 2021

6 Moms-trusted Best Natural Baby Lotions in India in 2021


A new mom today is spoilt for choices by the number of babyface lotion brands othe market these days. But this can be equally baffling for her. She would however love to know what other moms love. This will enable her to make an informed choice. Thus, I am sharing here the Best Baby Lotions in Indiatrusted by most moms. 


1. Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Natural Baby Lotion


As a mother, I have always loved to use only natural products for my kid. Thus, Mother Sparsh#PlantPowered Natural #BabyLotion is my first choice, since he was a newborn


True to its name, Mother Sparsh #bodylotion for newborn baby is made up of only plant-based and natural ingredients. This keeps the tender baby skin well-hydrated at all times. All its constituents are certified organic and most gentle. Thus, it is the #bestmoisturiser for baby’s #softskin.



This baby care lotion possesses the goodness of organic Shea butter, Coconut oil, and Avocado. This makes it the best moisturizer for newborn baby whose skin is very sensitive.


Enumerating below the reasons why I absolutely love this product:


• It is so tender and gentle: This body lotion for kids is enriched in plant extracts and essential oils bringing the touch of mother nature to our little ones. These soothe the sensitive skin and keep it nourished for long hours.


• I find it ssoothing and calming for my baby: It contains Aloe vera extract and Bees Wax that is a skin soother and emollient. Thus, making the baby feel calm and relaxed. It also relaxes his #dryskin.


• It is absolutely free from harmful chemicalsThis #bodylotion is free for any harsh chemicals like parabens, phthalates, dyes, SLS/SLES orsynthetic fragrances and, thus not only for baby skin, it is a baby lotion good for adults too.



• It undoubtedly is a redefining natural productI believe Mother Sparsh has redefined natural products impressively. They have reinforced our belief that nature had the solution for skin ailments. So proud that all their products are inspired by nature.



• I am so proud of its certified organic constituents: I had already spoken about how it has the best #organicproducts like Shea butter, Coconut, Avocado, Jojoba, and apricot oil which makes it the #bestmoisturiser for babies.


• It gives perfect moisture and strengthening: To me, this lotion is a one-stop solution for the complete nourishment of my baby’s skin. I love how it moisturizes and strengthens the skin and prevents itching and dryness.


I love to call it the original baby lotion because of all the original and pure natural ingredients it contains. highly recommend it.




2. Sebamed Baby Lotion


Sebamed baby lotion is yet another baby white lotion among moms. It can spread very easily and does not leave an oily film on baby skin.


It is a made in Germany formula which has a gentle ph of 5.5against the ph of 7 for most conventional baby lotions.


It is clinically proven that regular usage of Sebamed Baby Lotion, showed sixteen percent improvement in skin hydration in as little as three weeks.


It keeps the skin smooth and soft all day long without causing any side effects whatsoever.



3. Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion


One more baby care lotion is Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion a Johnson & Johnson product.


Its main constituents are oatmeal and dimethicone which help in locking the moisture of baby skin for as long as twenty-four hours.


It also weaves in the skin rejuvenating properties of soy, blackberry, feverfew, and kiwi which is a natural moisture magnet.


Aveeno products are available online or at any pharmaceutical or baby shop near you.




4. Pigeon Baby Milky Lotion


Pigeon is a well-known international brand for babies and baby milk lotion is a product liked by many moms all around the globe.


It contains almonds rich in Vitamin A and E, Oat lipid which possesses moisture regulating ceramides and the goodness of olive, rosehipand chamomile.


All these together make the product awesome for the little one’s tender skin preventing dryness.


This milky lotion promises to moisturize, comfort, and nurture a baby’s sensitive skin and is a deep-moisturizing formula.


5. Lotus Herbals Baby Body Lotion


Lotus Herbal’s tender touch baby #bodylotion is yet another impressive natural formula for little one’s everyday needs.


It is tested for sensitive skin and is approved and recommended by pediatricians.


It is enriched with Calendula flower extract which is famous to aid in reducing skin inflammation. Calendula is wonderful to soothe split or chapped skin too.


This product is also known for its anti-microbial and antiseptic properties.


It too is free from harsh chemicals.




6. Himalaya Baby Lotion


Himalaya Baby Lotion tops the list of the popular choice of parents in India too. It is deeply enriched with the power of herbs to protect delicate and soft baby skin.


It is very effective for dry and scaly skin and is dermatologically tested.


It puts together the goodness of almonds, olive oiland Licorice and weaves together their skin benefits for the kids.


Himalaya Baby Lotion is specially formulated to keep our little one’s skin lustrous and cool.


It is also free from mineral oils and parabens and thus is very safe for a baby.



I trust all the new moms will find the above list, worthy. Wish it helps you all make the right choice. I personally find Mother Sparsh Baby Lotion the best.

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