Tuesday 17 August 2021

Super Proud to Announce the Worldwide Release of the 6th Book, A Romantic Thriller


Love holding my 6th book as an author in my hands today 

and signing author copies for you all

there is no greater feeling

Oh! The smell is so so special, can’t describe it in words

It feels as if I was holding my book baby 

In my womb, in my heart for several months

Before giving birth to it 

And rocking it today in my arms 

First of all, I would like to thank God

For giving me the freedom to pursue 

What my heart wants 

To write and rejoice in my words’ wonderland 

There is nothing that gives me a bigger high

Than to delve into weaving tales

As the protagonist do an upheaval 

Every morn in my brain

Yes at 4a.m. each day, that early,

That’s the only time I can write 

In peace and the cool fresh breeze around 

Soaking in the emotions of my characters 

I feel they tell their own story 

I am just a medium 

They make my hand move in the notebook 

to let the world know what they went through 

Yes many of them are inspired 

By people, I have met in real life

With a dose of fiction and build-up

To give you an experience unparalleled 

But now I feel I have grown old

Six published books old and evolved

Penning them has taught me a lot 

I have lived through each, feeling enriched and involved 

Perhaps it is high time to do something bigger 

Setting goals that would challenge me greater 

I am in search of that special something 

And making an informed choice to choose quality over quantity 

Like always you are the first ones I inform 

Because I owe to you all my work in the public domain 

You have always been there by my side

Accepting me just the way I am 

Sorry I got so carried away

Was here to talk about my just released

Book baby precious 

It is a soulful love story, sweet and crisp

Where Aaradhya and Shamit go through 

Life’s most difficult test 

The book which is called ‘I Live To Love You’

Is also about their third best friend Riyu

Who secretly desires to be their life partner third 

Then one day Shamit just vanishes

Seven years passed there is no trace of him

You must read this book to know what really happened 

I promise you will love this tale 

Of divine true love where everyone is good yet so terribly misplaced 

Yet true love tries to find a way 

For months and years and not just days

But did the pure soul succeed

In finding her true love 

Who vanished seven years ago mysteriously 

To find out, this book you must read

You can order it here AmazonFlipkart, or Notionpress.

This post is a part of Blogchatter Half Marathon 

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