Wednesday 21 July 2021

Why COVID vaccination is mandatory for our physical & mental health in these times? #Causeachatter


If you trust my words and have associated value to my experience-backed recommendations to you for over a decade, then please get yourself and your family members vaccinated for COVID-19 on top priority. Leave all the hunches, all fears or procrastination, book your appointment and get the shot and as soon as possible. 

I know all that we hear and read is enough to drive us insane. On top of that getting an appointment the Cowin App is one of the most humongous task of the universe. But yet getting vaccinated in the only weapon in our hands to even plan to step back to what used be our life as free as a bird just a year and a half ago.

Enumerating below the chief reasons why COVID Vaccination is indispensable in today’s times for both our physical and mental health. Even if you are reading this for the nth time do so until you are done with it and once you are then take it upon yourself to inspire your near and dear ones to do so too.

✔️ To develop Antibodies

What does the vaccine do? It injects us the Covid virus in a suppressed non harmful way which triggers our immune system to start producing anti-bodies against the same which will fight the virus if ever we contract the disease in future and keep its impact on us minimal.

✔️ To secure mental peace

Since COVID~19 may turn life threatening, getting vaccinated cannot be avoided under any circumstances. Getting vaccinated will save us from the unfathomable mental trauma we face every time we are forced to step out or meet someone.

✔️ To safe gaurd you even further if you have co-morbidity 

This disease can have severe implications for people with co-morbidity like heart disease, high blood pressure, lung disease etc. So for them it becomes all the more vital that they are inoculated at the earliest under the guidance of their doctor particularly if you are under any sort of medication.

✔️ To secure the health of your loved ones 

You might be a healthy adult(though this disease does not spare anyone) but you may have members in your family for whom you may be a asymptomatic carrier, so yours as well as their vaccination is equally vital.

✔️ To resume normal life and travel at the soonest 

We are undoubtedly social animals who can’t be confined to the four walls for a very long time. The life we are leading now is unnatural and no matter how hard we try we can’t stay indoors forever. To resume our normal lifestyles as the earliest or at least take a step in the right direction to be able to do so in near future, we must vaccinate now 🌸.

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