Monday 19 July 2021

Why & How Parents are their Kids' Best Teachers

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Parents are regarded as the best teachers for their children. Here’s taking a closer look at the key reasons behind the same. 

Parents are always the best teachers of their kids as per studies and reports. While Yellow Class online hobby classes and other academic and creative hobbies to do online will always help children with improved learning and development of new skills, it is parents who will bear a greater responsibility for valuable life lessons in the initial years. 

Parents hold responsibility for providing for the needs of their kids such as attention, love, material aspects, support and also knowledge. Parents are the best and first teachers for their kids. They offer knowledge in various ways. They are the ones who teach children how to talk at a very early age. The child starts learning communication and expression from his/her parents. Parents also have responsibility for locomotor development of the bodies of their children. 

The first two steps of a child while walking are facile owing to the enthusiasm, helping hand and patience of his/her parents. Parents also hold responsibility for helping children ease into school. They teach kids how to write their own names, how to count, tell the time, how to deal with their teachers and also classmates. They also teach children about altruism even when there are frequent ups and downs in life. They hold responsibility for molding the characters of their children along with their beliefs, particularly when the adolescence stage is looming on the horizon. This is an ideal time for parents to help and guide children towards developing their characters. 

Teachers do not have influence of control when children remain home. Children possibly spend greater time with parents at home rather than their teachers. Parents who become friends and exchange information with their children play a vital role in teaching them how to deal with life and its diverse scenarios. Authoritativeness may lead to the child rebelling when he/she understands that something is not going well at all. Good parents always listen to their kids and hear them out. They are better than many seasoned teachers at times. 

Parents do not leave their children confused while showing them the suitable path to walk on. They also provide the best possible knowledge that is available to them. 
Parents help their children to take better decisions in life. They have ample experience which kids do not possess at an early age. Hence, they enable children to take good decisions. Parents do not complain to children about their personal lives, financial issues and other household aspects. They are hence the best teachers by all means. Another vital aspect is that parents teach children how to forgive. Parents teach children how to forgive others and set examples for them to follow. They are the cornerstone of building moral values in children through their thoughts and actions. 

Parents are hence their children’s first and best teachers, their guides and emotional anchors throughout the journey of life.

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