Wednesday 2 June 2021

Book Review of ‘The Colony Kid’ by Meena Chatty

There are several instances in life when you feel like going back to your childhood and live it all over again. When you are hit with nostalgia and precious memories come flooding by. They warm your heart and give up a tinkling sensation. You know those days would never come back again yet you endeavor to relive them over and over until your heart is satisfied which actually never happens. In my case, this phenomenon has got triggered last week when I started reading Meena Chatty’s book, ‘The Colony Kid’. 

Memoirs are my all-time favorite and I am so glad I picked this one up. Being such a breezy read, it shall definitely dwell in my heart for a long while. Being an 80’s kid, I could very well relate to all the anecdotes therein which touched the deepest corners of my heart. Like Meena has a younger sister, I have a younger brother so the correlation was obviously inevitable throughout. 

About the Book

The Colony Kid is a scrapbook of memories from the childhood of the author. She showcases the delights of the unique times while growing up in the 80s in a residential colony in the metropolitan city of Bangalore. The book explores the stark differences between her childhood and the childhood of kids of the present times. She looks back a few decades in order to illustrate that big happiness is found in small things.

If you are an 80s kid, this book will take you back to those times. If you are a millennial, this book will tell you how your parents’ childhood was.

About the Author 

Meena Chatty is a mother of two, a yoga lover, and a book-mad. She is also enthusiastic about painting, art, and languages. She takes great delight in teaching Mathematics to her children and nephews. One of her most loved traits is to make up stories to help them understand tough concepts or lines that need to be learned by heart. She is an avid learner of everything. Her blog BalconySunrise reflects the myriad emotions she has on life, everyday situations, and everything in between. Contact her at: @msrandomgyaan (Twitter)

No. of Pages: 85

My Take On The Book

I genuinely loved devouring the book in one go. It was difficult to put down. For the straight three hours that I was immersed in the beautifully weaved chapters, I was totally at peace and smiled throughout. This book is indeed a treat and a must-read for everyone. For our generation to recall our best times and the coming generation to know what they are missing on. In fact, if there is a way to go back, I will definitely like to send back my son to enjoy the little joys of life author Meena talked about.

In this book, Meena has penned about the precious memories of her valuable childhood. She has also beautifully at the end of each chapter drawn a corollary between her childhood and today’s times. But as I read between the lines I also saw a significant lesson hidden in each anecdote whether it’s about patience, acceptance, or any other value we miss to witness in the kids of the present generation.

Language and Narration 

I must admit another high of this book is the use of highly personalized language by the author. The narrative style is very gripping and I loved the childhood sketches included in the book. How real are they, I and my brother left each other such mails too. I would also like to thank the author for reminding us of the umpteen childhood games we played, I had actually forgotten them. Now I have a list to save my kid from excessive screen time. In fact, I can endlessly keep on enumerating all the things I loved in this book, but I don't want to spoil your experience of enjoying the book yourself. All in all, I enjoyed it every bit.

Brilliant job Meena! Deeply appreciate your effort, loved your book, and wish you all the best for many more literary outings in the coming times.

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