Monday 28 June 2021

#ChildrensFiction #ShortStories The Dream of An Innocent Pure Soul Part3


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“No mamma, you don’t take care of yourself, I cannot leave the village without you but taking you to a strange city where neither of us has work, isn’t a good idea either!”


He whispered placing his head on his mom’s shoulder when Mohan started pulling hiclothes as if taking him somewhere. Sparsh followed and saw a city dweller and his wife wailing loudly as their car had an accident and their daughter was thrown into the river falls.


Sparsh understood the situation and immediately jumped into the stream to save the little girl. The flow was really strong but he did manage to bring her back and her parents could not be grateful enough. The girl’s father was the Mayor of a big city and had come here for picnic with the family. He and his wife then went to meet Sparsh’s mother as the young boy had won their hearts and offered him a job at their city home. Also, they promised her to cover for his education if he desired to study further.


“Thank you, this means a lot for me and my son!” Sparsh’s mother was ecstatic and expressed her gratitude to the family with moist eyes.


Taking permission from his mom and asking Mohan to take care of her, he left with the couple who soon became very impressed by his work and helpful nature. In no time, he almost became family to them and he cared for their daughter as his tiny sister. He was no longer alone, he also had work and education. Whatever little he saved every month he sent it to his mom. She was always touched by her son’s pure heart.


His mother’s blessings and his immense hard work and desire didn’t go in vain. By God’s grace in due time, Sparsh did become a doctor and decided to practice medicine in his small village as was his dream. Today he is seventy-three years old but he still takes care of the sick and needy of his village and adjacent areas. He is a genuine example of a worthy humanitarian, a role model par excellence. His dream did come true and how.

Truly Yours Roma

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