Monday 28 June 2021

#ChildrensFiction #ShortStories The Dream of An Innocent Pure Soul Part2


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There was a stray tiny pup who always accompanied him wherever he went, Sparsh called him Mohan and always shared his heart out with him. Mohan was Sparsh’s best friend. He always fed him no matter how little he had. In no time, their bond had grown so profound. They both would do anything for each other and were inseparable.


However, there was one thing that had always bothered the little blue-eyed boy. Though his village had a small schoolit didn’t have a good hospital or even a doctor, so there was no one to cater to the sick and it took a while to travel to the city for the same. Thus, he was very keen on becoming a doctor when he grows up and take care of the old, weak, and sick in his village.


“I will study hard Mohan and become a doctor someday, I can’t see the pain which sickness brings to the people”, he would often confide in his big dreams to his friend who would express his consent either by wagging his tail or by gradually nodding. When he turned eleven, he lost his grandmother to prolonged sickness which further strengthened his resolve.


As time elapsed he realized he must support his mom who burnt the midnight oil to make both ends meet, so he started doing small odd jobs here and thereafter school. He also would assist at his school in the library as his headmaster loved him. This gave him ample time to enrich his knowledge as much as he can. He always stood first and brought laurels to their otherwisunknown village. So it was a pleasure having him around at the school.


His mom would feel proud of his son, his sensitivity, and his desire to aid the needy. So, after he finished his tenth grade she advised him to go to the city and find some work and way to fulfill his dreams but how can he leave his mother here all be continued.

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