Monday 4 January 2021

5 Reasons why I recommend the global telemedicine platform SeekMed


Undoubtedly, health is our top priority in the current pandemic times. But ironically, these are also the times we are most scared to visit a hospital or a clinic for our treatment. The fear of contracting COVID is real and is mighty big, whether or not we suffer from a co-morbidity. 


This is where lies a humongous need for superlative telemedicine services to connect us with the best doctors while ensuring we are at least risk. 


Particularly for someone like me who suffers from fifth stage endometriosis, staying in touch with a trustable senior doctor is indispensable. Remember, I had shared about my decade long battle with this disease sometime back with all of you. 


Thankfully, I am much better now and the entire journey of learning how to manage it has taught me many important lessons. The first and most important being timely second opinions from a senior highly experienced and trustable doctor before the disease aggravated to its advanced stages. But honestly traveling to meet a top doctor in the metro, for a second opinion, for my bitter crippling pain was in no way feasible as I had a little kid to rear and my work. There again was a dire need for a premium telemedicine platform that could somehow connect me to the most eminent doctors of gynecology without traveling, almost like magic.


Glad that this need was fulfilled by a really worthy global telemedicine platform SeekMed as they made it possible for us to connect to the most eminent award-winning doctors of India from the comfort of our home no matter which part of the world we reside. Can it get easier and better than this? Let’s evaluate. Well, there have been more telemedicine apps before SeekMed too, so what makes it stand out.


Padma Shree, Padmabhushan Awardee Doctors with over 30 years of experience on their panel


Though our motherland can boast of some of the best super-specialists of the world with an extraordinary success rate of treating various life-threatening diseases, access to them, unfortunately, is very difficult for a common man. Travel to the hospitals, getting a timely appointment, long waiting time of multiple days to get a slot can become quite painful to a patient and his caregivers. 


But SeekMed makes it a cakewalk for all of us as it has a meticulously chosen team of over 100 doctors many of whom are Padma Bhushan, Padma Shri and Dr. BC Roy awardees. On average, these doctors have over 30 years of experience and hold senior positions of very high responsibility with leading super-specialty institutions. Also, over 45% of the doctors have fellowship, education or experience from the United States and Europe.


Consult Specialists at a convenient time from the comfort of your home 


As per a report, India has more than 150 million, elderly patients residing in remote parts of the country who have to travel to big cities to meet a senior doctor for their existing health conditions, pre-surgery consultations, and second opinions. 


With the advancement of technology and with the help of SeekMed, now they can consult these top specialists right from the comfort of their home at a suitable time. In fact, not only from India you can connect to these doctors from anywhere in the world through a video call. Easy peasy isn’t it? Particularly in these COVID times, I would say, they seem like a real divine blessing.


Get the vital second opinion on various life-threatening diseases 


I can’t highlight to you how important a timely second opinion can get especially in cases where one suffers from something like cancer or when surgery is recommended or sometimes when the diagnosis is not clear and many other important instances. In such a scenario a Second Opinion from a senior award-winning specialist can prove to be a lifesaver. Do you know, in the year 2018 a study published in the Annals of Surgical Oncology revealed that an expert second review changed the diagnosis for 43% of the 70 patients in the study. In 2017, another study brought forth the fact that 21% of patients who sought a second opinion at Mayo Clinic in the USA left with a completely new diagnosis and 66% were proved partly correct but refined by the second doctor.


Thus a second opinion from someone profoundly experienced can prove really vital and aid us to make an informed medical decision for surgery or future course of treatment for us. SeekMed just makes this Second Opinion super easy for us.


Strong intent to improve patient literacy through the most authentic health library 

India’s doctor-patient ratio is still bleak and so obviously we still have poor health literacy. It’s extremely vital to know about our ailments inside out to aid us to manage them better and seek timely help which many a time becomes impossible in the limited time we have with the doctors. Also reading on the web from an inappropriate source can be misleading. SeekMed has bridged both these gaps through their most authentic and exhaustive Health Library which has detailed credible information on hundreds of medical conditions, tests, procedures, and over thirty thousand medicines and a lot more. It is a profound resource for patients like me to apprise myself of the details of my health condition and manage it far better. I am extremely certain that it can help many of you too.


SeekMed’s Patient-centric philosophy and mission ‘Health care for all’ and ethics 


Time and again since its inception in 2018, SeekMedhas proved how they earnestly desire to bring super-specialty consultation to the doorstep of the needy. In their highly ethical patient-centric approach they have taken the responsibility of bringing the expert consultation of as many as 30 super specialties including Oncology, Cardiology, Neurology, Orthopaedics, Ophthalmology, etc. to our homes through their platform.


I deeply appreciate the two extremely passionate U.S.-based founders of SeekMed,  MrAlok Awasthi and Mr. Sharad Dubey, whose sheer philosophy in SeekMed is to empower the patients to make informed unbiased health decisions and reap benefits of the same without being influenced by middlemen or word of mouth.


So you see why I felt an earnest desire to about this incredible platform with all of you. If you are in need or know someone in need, he can access SeekMed in the following simple steps:


1. Install the mobile app or use the web app

2. Register as a patient

3. Search for doctor's specialty & send an appointment request

4. Once the appointment is created, make payment in the app using a discount code

5. Upload medical reports in the app

6. Video consultation on the app

7. Receive e-prescription


Also, with an earnest endeavor that you get the most superlative health care at your doorstep I share my code ROMA20 with you, use it while booking your appointments and get a 20% discount. 

Truly Yours Roma


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