Tuesday 19 January 2021

How to style different outfits with the same Dupatta

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2020 has been a very extraordinary year for all of us. One of the best things that kept us sane indoors, during the pandemic, was our festive spirit. Decking up in our best attires brought in cheer and joy. 


Also, during this year, my love for dupattas multiplied. For me, a dupatta is the most versatile multi-purpose garment that can be draped in various ways to accentuate our overall looks. I thus have assimilated the various types of dupatta material in my closet that have stacked over the years. It gives me immense joy to adorn the same dupatta in multiple ways impeccably. Thus, I decided to share how I style different outfits with the same dupatta with you all today.


Dupatta as stole over jeans for indo western everyday look 


The fact that I admire the most about a dupatta is its rare ability to look different with every different outfit. No matter which types of dupatta material we pick, it can accentuate our look in a moment. I love wrapping a dupatta around my neck like a stole or a muffler over my Jeans and Top whenever I am headed out. There is no better accessory in my eyes, and it makes you look thoughtfully and tastefully dressed almost instantaneously. Try picking a bright, colourful dupatta for this everyday casual look like me, and it can do wonders. 


Dupatta as graceful half sari for weddings 


If like me carrying a full-fledged saree is a little difficult for you, you can get the same grace by draping a dupatta like a half-saree over an assorted skirt blouse of your choice or a branded ensemble. The same multi-purpose dupatta I picked above worn pleated like a half sari shall confer the same vibes. It makes you ready for a wedding or any other ceremony in minutes.


I am smitten by so many types of dupatta materials, but Banarasi, Kalamkari, Ikat, Chiffon and Velvet are my favourites. 


The infallible Side Dupatta with Salwar Kurti for all occasions 


On days I really don’t know what to wear to work, I pick the Indian style which can never go wrong. I wear a suit and on one shoulder my evergreen colourful bright dupatta. It does give a well-groomed look and makes me stand out of the rest. Actually, the types of dupatta Material you choose to speak a lot about your personality. Pick what defines you the best.


Dupatta with GhagraCholi as the most sophisticated traditional attire 


I am a total lehenga person. To me, it is the most gorgeous and comfortable traditional attire ever. I love adding an extra oomph to it by styling my favourite dupatta with it in many ways. Mostly I wrap in on my arms from behind and let it hang loose in front. With matching jewellery and mojris, it feels I am all set to paint to the town red. Alternatively, if you prefer other types of dupatta material, you can pick nets. They are very much is rave too.



Dupatta with Long Maxi dress for parties 


I have lately learnt to pair my favourite dupatta with a long maxidress or a body-con dress. To my surprise, this Indo-western fusion looks really incredible. It has made me evolve and define my own style over a few months. With a clutch in hand and right heels, it makes me look sober and chick in parties.


Do you guys love styling dupatta too?

Truly Yours Roma




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