Wednesday 9 December 2020

#Thankyou2020 What 2020 Taught Me: Reflections 2020 and Goal Setting 2021


Yeah! It’s December, my most favorite month of the year. I am sure many of you would love it too. Though the reasons can be different for each one of us. Like for me, December is the month of love as I wedded the love of my life this month after some cool dating for years. Also, the day on which we vowed to be each others’ forever in a Lord Shiva Temple in Pantnagar also comes later this month☺️. Yes, we celebrate it too. Celebrations for me are a timeless way of weaving sweet memories in the beautiful journey of life. These recorded moments give us the power to sail through the rough tides of life, believing in ‘This too shall pass’ and good days shall be back again. The Christmas festivities, extreme chill, and vacation mood further add to the vibe. 

As a writer too I feel this has been for years for me, the most important month of the year. I dedicate it to reflecting on how I have evolved and added value to myself during the course of the year. What was a hit and what was a miss? How can I improve? Also, I use it to envision my goals in the forthcoming year. 

2020 albeit has been really a very different year. It shall require courage to look back at it, today or whenever we would wish to in the future. It shall be one of the biggest examples in history of how a pandemic can derail the entire world and bring it to a standstill. One way to look at it is the fear of the worst has brought out the best in many of us.

My reflections of the past year fill my heart with gratitude for a number of things in 2020. Here they come because counting blessings is me, so me. No matter how adverse the circumstances will be, you will always see me smiling, I have that rare ability, I have earned it after a lot of practice and I am so proud of it. You will owe a special prize from me if you can ever spot a pic of mine without a smile.

Reflections: What 2020 taught me?

  • 2020 taught me how there is a silver lining in every dark night, that you can get stranded in an unknown city 1000 km away from home, for months due to nationwide lockdown and can still survive.

  • You not only survive but also encapsulate those testing times in the form of inspirational letters for your future grandchild and release it as a book which received an overwhelming response from the readers. The book is available here.

  • 2020 most importantly taught me how important fitness is in our lives, I embraced a very happy lifestyle with my family and in the process lost 20 kgs weight in about eight months. I am extremely grateful to the almighty for never letting me give up on my exercise and diet schedule despite suffering from endometriosis. 

  • 2020 has taught me to be a lot more independent. My dependence on help is zero now and I am far better at life skills like cooking. YouTube has done an incredible job in teaching me umpteen new cuisines which of course I had customized to make their the healthiest version even if it means forgoing a little bit of taste.

  • Though online education has its own weaknesses, in these times it indeed is a perfect solution. Since we have just shifted to Delhi last October,  it kind of gave me time to gauge my kid’s education which I am very particular about. 

  • So apart from fitness, health, and focus, 2020 has also gifted me something I have always craved due to extensive travel of my husband for his work and kiddo’s day school, yes it’s the most valuable quality time with family. I am so grateful for it to the Almighty.

  • Last but not the least, 2020 has helped me revive my most favorite hobby of all time that’s gardening. I just love my plant babies and taking care of them and seeing them bloom in all their glory is what I really love to the core.

Aren’t these things absolutely worth expressing gratitude for? Indeed, they are. Thank you my Lord for bestowing us with all this and so much more.

Now comes planning for the future. How do I want my next year to look like? Of course, a lot will depend on the vaccine and when we can really get the shots but to whatever extent I can, I should go ahead as per the plan.

Goals 2021

A Love Saga Novel

After penning 5 books, I want to change my course a little now and so my sixth book will a multi-series Love Saga exclusively available in prints. The plot is sitting right in front of me. Just waiting for God’s direction to commence it one fine day. The plan is to finish the manuscript in the first half of the year. Amen!

Resume Nature Runs

One of the things I have missed the most during this pandemic era is my long nature walks in the early morns. I feel claustrophobic inside but have always abided by the rules in the last nine months. As soon as it ends, I would love to restart my routine and this time sprint in the arms of Mother Nature and soak it all in until I am satiated.

Travel like freaks, take vacations

I have wheels on my feet and everyone near and dear knows the best way to lift my spirits is a vacation which hasn’t obviously happened this year. When all this gets sorted in 2021 hopefully, I will take a long long vacation and yes that’s a goal.

Resume my academy sessions in full swing

One reason I love Pune so dearly is, my academy is there and all my students are there, they are so much a part of me. Yes, I miss them to the core though I am connected with them in video calls. But ever since I shifted to Delhi late last year, I didn’t take any new admissions despite requests of taking the sessions online from some parents and ladies I know in Delhi. I really thought I had too much on my plate but in all that I have felt I miss a very important part of myself. In 2021 I plan to restart my mission of aiding 6-60-year-olds in bridging the gap between their intellect and expression through my communication skills academy to the best of my abilities.

Want to co-pen a book with my son

This is a dream I have nurtured for a while and requires some serious homework.  He writes well and whenever I see his scribbled pieces here and there, I feel a strong desire to publish work together with him. The idea is still in the nascent stage though I intend to make it more concrete soon and will love to share the progress with you all.

So these were some of the goals I have given myself for next year of course along with maintaining the good health I have finally embraced.

Penning these gives me a broad spectrum of goals I need to lay the foundation of at the earliest. It was a pleasure sharing my heart out on the same with you guys. Happy New Year to all of you in advance! Lots of love, Truly Yours, Roma ✌

Truly Yours Roma

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