Wednesday 9 December 2020

Here’s an ode to our Timeless Love

My eyes are moist with extreme gratitude

and heart too soaked with pure love 

as I pen this ode to our timeless love

Thinking of our beautiful journey so far

What if I hadn’t met you that fateful day 

Who would have I spent so many perfect years with

You taught me friendship, you taught me to love

Slowly and gradually we weaved our tiny world 

Year by year, we grew, we evolved 

Facing all the challenges, firmly holding each other

Life has not been a bed of roses 

But we have together befriended the thorns 

Standing the testimonies of the time 

We still go strong 

Smiles or fight, all of them add spice 

Giving us a reason to weave more memories ripe  

Our love turns 15 love, it’s our Official Crystal Wedding Anniversary 

and I am so so ecstatic and proud of our priceless journey 

To fall in love with you and keep drowning in it thereafter till today 

Is perhaps the best decision I have ever made  

Our is a semi-perfect fairy tale I wait to culminate 

Into happily ever after forever for as long as ever 

Your arms are my paradise 

You evoke in me a million desires to lead a long life 

To you, I owe most of my smiles 

Your shoulders are the best place to rest when I am tired 

You are the polestar of my life 

And I am your Ursa Major 

My life revolves around you my one 

I pray we stay like this till the next Big Bang 

Love to the farthest star and back 

Happiest Crystal Wedding Anni month my love

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