Saturday 3 October 2020

Will this ever end? When on earth will the Indian Women Really Get Empowered?

She has hidden her scars from me

Until I asked her why she hasn’t gone for her Pilates session

A fitness enthusiast that she is 

No one can stop her from her regime

I have always adored her for her skills 

A highly educated woman

With her head firm on her shoulders 

That day she tried to avoid me for hours

Then reluctantly she showed me how badly she was hurt 

I was aghast to see her bruises 

Those blood-red scars that looked brutal

I asked her the cause and she replied after a long pause 

These were the results of the domestic abuse 

She has now got used to 

Unfortunately, it never occurred to me, a woman of her stature

Can silently face this too

She was pushed and battered in front of her children 

More than the physical torture

Her soul got perennially wounded 

Seeing her four-year-old wipe her tears through 

She has always told me though 

That she has had a meaningless marriage 

The only strand that held it together 

Were her precious little boy and her girl 

I fail to fathom what every day she underwent 

Living right under the nose of a moody paranoid 

What deep lasting impact will these fights 

Cause on the impressionable little children 

It broke my heart to see her vulnerable side

And I had a sleepless night

My eyes were red with fury while she wept quietly

I was unable to bear my friend’s agony 

I screamed at her to walk out of such a scornful marriage 

As she is doing very well financially 

Came the answer I am hearing for the nth time

I want to continue for the two little loves of my life

She doesn’t want to deprive them of their father’s love

The same crap I have been listening for years 

I have come across so many wonderful women with battered souls 

Staying under the same roof for this reason 

My love why don’t you realize, I wish to advice 

This is the fact of which you are taken advantage of

Get up please take charge of your own life 

Don’t let an inhuman beast batter tatter your soul 

You become the weaker sex because you are made to believe so

Give them back as hard as you can, the first time they hit you

Anyways your marriage got over when you were first slapped

Because the foundation of a strong marriage, mutual respect, that day died 

Please take charge of our life

Please don’t bear it for your little ones 

Otherwise, they too will learn the wrong things 

For them trust me, you have to move in the right direction 

Summon up all your courage my love 

You have the power to weave your nest the way you want 

You have the power, believe in yourself 

Get up and give him back what he deserves

He needs to understand his folly 

He needs to be punished for his inhuman acts 

He needs to be denied apology forever 

And you need to ride from the ashes like a Phoenix 

He hurt you because you allowed him to

He forayed into your brain and played havoc because you allowed him to

He needs to know he has rampaged your heart 

For which no punishment is good enough

Always remember one thing, my love, 

You are abused only when you allow them to

Deny them that upper hand

You alone can give them the most befitting punishment

Deprive them of their family forever

Weave for yourself and your children a peaceful world 

Until they learn a befitting lesson, they won’t mend their ways 

And if they can’t, they better stay away!

Truly Yours Roma

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