Wednesday 30 September 2020

5 Impactful Series on Netflix and Amazon Prime

 If there is one thing that’s keeping us sane during these pandemic times, it undoubtedly is the entertainment provided by various OTT Platforms like ZEE5, Netflix, Amazon Prime. Earlier I had written to you about my favorite shows on ZEE5. Now it’s Netflix and Amazon Prime Shows turn😊.

So here’s the list of 5 Must-Watch Shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime. They are my personal favorites from different genres to give you a variety of entertainment. I have purposefully kept it a mix of varied genres to give you all a fair chance to pick the kind of stuff you love.

1. Money Heist

A brilliant bank robbery thriller, shot in Spain, available in four seasons on Netflix. It is an unparalleled saga, a master plan run by a genius yet kind professor who falls for the cop who is negotiating with him on the state’s behalf to release the hostages during the heist. Each and every character in this show makes you fall in love with them. It is so engrossing and worthy to watch, I can watch it any number of times. I am an ardent fan and am waiting for the fifth season with bated breath. Watch this one on my recommendation and trust me you will only thank me later.

2. Swami Ramdev

Now, this one is the best pick if you are watching it with your children and family as there is so much to learn at every step from Baba Ramdev’s life. Season 1 of this worth watch biography is available on Netflix and is pure motivation. It is a well written and conceived show, the characters feel real and we associate our emotions with them. It was intriguing to see the childhood of the founder of the #MadeinIndia FMCG giant Patanjali and his journey from being ostracised by the society for being a cursed child to how he rises and shines to glory. Every Indian must watch this show. I genuinely liked it.

3. Unbelievable

This Netflix show kept me on toes and I had my heart in my mouth at many junctures. It is a tale of a serial rapist in the U.S. who clears the scenes of his crimes to perfection to make them look unbelievable. A young girl, an orphan, his victim, loses her dignity and trust in humanity as no one believes her but thanks to a methodical and worthy cop finally justice prevails. I loved watching this series and it indeed was a great watch, I highly recommend It to every woman and even man too.

4. Bandish Bandits

This is yet another beautiful and soulful family entertainer available on Amazon Prime giving a sneak peek into our deep-rooted culture, our music Gharanas. The music in the series is heart-touching. It instills in us the value of discipline and how pursuing art in its purest form requires the most stringent lifestyles. It’s a majorly a story of a grandfather and grandson, their values, their ambitions, and their unique bond. If this is the genre you find close to your heart, I am sure this one will bring great delight to you.

5. Little Things

It truly is the cutest modern-day love story between two humans who are as poles apart as chalk and cheese and yet their chemistry is almost magical. If you are a sucker of love stories like me, go binge-watch this and  I bet you are going to love these guys. Available on Netflix in Three Seasons, this love tale showcases beautiful human emotions in their purest relatable form. I loved the storyline to the tee. 

These were some of my absolute favorites though the overall list is really big and I shall keep sharing with you like always, what’s a hit and what’s a miss 😊

Truly Yours Roma

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