Sunday 13 September 2020

Blogchatter Reloaded 2.0: One Stop Destination for all Blogger Dreams to Come True

I joined Blogchatter in 2016 and signed up for their A to Z Challenge. From then until today, my 5 books have released during the 5 consecutive #BlogchatterEbook Carnivals and I am so pleased to share all five of them are now available on Amazon. Blogchatter Founder Richa Singh and her team have been instrumental in this journey. Thus, I owe a major chunk of my evolution as a blogger to this precious community.

Last weekend when they released their more advanced and user-friendly interface known as Blogchatter Reloaded 2.0 in a one-of-its-kind Zoom party, I felt so proud to hear the announcement because Blogchatter indeed is family by now.


The hard work and detailed thought process that has gone in designing the all-new Avatar of Blogchatter was evident by how impressive the site looked. As one of the oldest community members of Blogchatter, this indeed was a special moment for me as we now have a new abode to ROLL our blogposts for the community and read and advocate others, to together grow and spread our wings and fly.

Personally, I believe Blogchatter is a brilliant platform, every blogger whether new or old, must signup for, especially now with the all-new Blogchatter 2.0 launched. If you wish to know how it helps a blogger, do watch this video, till the end.

Let’s check out 5 ways in which the all-new Blogchatter Reloaded 2.0 can aid you as a blogger in carving your own identity and build your brand in the blogging industry.

1. Your writings grab more eyeballs from interested readers of your genre

No matter how beautifully we write, our content must reach a wider audience to get the desired appreciation. Blogchatter Reloaded does just that. When you submit your blog post on the Blog Rolls it makes your content reach its potential readers.

2. You connect with like-minded and veteran bloggers who can guide you 

Blogging can become a lonely journey sometimes and we may lose direction at any point in time. Blogchatter is a place that helps you forge many lifelong friendships as you follow other bloggers and they follow you. Your bond is special as your friendship is based on your love for writing. So when you get stuck, Blogchatter community friends come to your rescue. So signing up for Blogchatter Reloaded is a very wise decision.

3. They hold a lot of interactive sessions and lives on how to ace your blogging game to help you evolve

The versatile Blogchatter team holds live conversations with many experts from time to time to aid us to take our content a notch up. Detailed information about these lives is available for all members on Blogchatter 2.0 website which we can easily synchronize with our calendars and gain valuable knowledge by attending them.

4. They aid you to monetize your blog by bringing several paid campaigns and sponsored posts

Blogchatter has set the bars really high by bringing well-paid brand campaigns to its community members. The information for these campaigns too, you can get on Blogchatter 2.0 website.


Their payment cycle is one of the best in the industry and


has set the benchmark for various other marketing agencies. As a member of the community, if your profile matched the campaign, you have a fair chance of getting shortlisted for the same.

5. There all the year-round campaigns can aid your soar higher

Most importantly they have many campaigns running all round the year like the Blogchatter A to Z, Lights Camera Action, My Friend Alexa and many others which boost the statistics of our blogs organically and also aid up improve our blog ranks. You can sign up for these campaigns on the Blogchatter Reloaded Website. I currently have more than 1.28 million views on my website all thanks to all the meticulous careful steps taken in the right direction.

So what are you waiting for? If you are a blogger, you are missing out on something really important if you are not signed up for Blogchatter Reloaded 2.0. They are the best place for all your dreams as a blogger to come true. I highly recommend it to you all. Signup for Blogchatter here.

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