Monday 24 August 2020

ZEE5 Churails Review: An Impeccable Must-watch Thriller Aiming Women Empowerment


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I have a staunch belief in the fact that Empowered Women Empower Women, so much so, that I have written a book by this title. Trust me, there can be no better time than today to stand up for ourselves and for other women and unite in our fight on crimes against women. This was the reason I was so smitten by the concept of the Churails Series on ZEE5 from the time I heard about it. Since I was waiting for it with bated breath, I binge-watched it right on the first day of its release.


So, here’s an earnest review of the show and why it proved a worthy watch for me.



Intriguing Plot and Story Line of Churails


This show is a masterpiece crafted to perfection by critically acclaimed creator Asim Abbasi. It deals with how women can no more take infidelity and cruel patriarchy in their stride. It is a strong riveting story of four females protagonists from different walks of life who come together and form a squad to give a befitting reply to the philandering husbands.


They run a spy agency under the veil of a Burqa boutique called Halal Designs and help cheated women find justice until one day they run into trouble. Their earnest endeavor to overcome the hurdles is so worth a watch.



Well fleshed out Strong Female Characters


Let me give you a sneak peek into the four lead characters. The four leading ladies are Sara (played by Sarwat Gilani Mirza), Jugnoo     (played by Yasra Rizvi), Batool (played by Nimra Bucha), and Zubaida (played by Mehar Bano). While all four are poles apart as chalk and cheese, there’s a common fire in them which binds them together.


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While Sara is a rich lawyer from what looks superficially like a perfect wealthy family, Batool is a murderer of her husband who has served a jail sentence of twenty years for the same. On the other hand, Jugnoo is a single, high profile, wedding planner and Zubaida the youngest is a boxer from a traditional family with an abusive father. Each one has a hard-hitting story which has made them a rebel. The characters are beautifully fleshed and are equally well played by the four seasoned actresses. It was mesmerizing to see their onscreen camaraderie.


Powerful Dialogues and Performances


I will so like to state that the greatest strengths of this show undoubtedly are its enticing dialogues and power-packed performances by one and all including the supporting cast.


Sarwat as Sara is such a treat to watch as a trophy wife to an aspiring politician whose character gradually evolves and showcases myriad shades. She establishes a deep connection with her audience and it doesn’t feel we are watching her for the first time.


So does Nimra who portrays Batool who was married at a very early age and was subjected to marital rape. She has murdered her husband to save her daughter and that’s why the society called her Churail. A take a bow to such Churails. All the other characters too carve a place in your heart. The series was so un-put-down-able.




Gripping Storytelling and mesmerizing Cinematography


I became a fan of the cinematography and production design of this show almost instantly. It adds so much pleasure to the overall watching of the series. Minutest details have been well taken care of. Right from the first frame, the viewers’ minds and hearts are captivated by the visuals and nuanced performances.


Often a story can be strong but the power with which it is told in front of the camera makes or breaks a show. I loved the background narrations and heart touching poetry to the core and they remain a very significant part of making this series worthwhile for me.


 Inspires Women to Unite against Injustice


I love meaningful entertainment and often love investing my time in watching inspiring fiction and this one perfectly does the trick. It inspires every woman to stand for their own cause and don’t agree to be treated like a doormat as is prevalent in our society. Apart from gender inequality, this thriller also showcases issues like racism, homophobia, and transphobia in an eloquent manner.



Why I strongly believe #MainChurailHoon


While a man is free to do anything there are set norms for women on how to behave, particularly in the Indian subcontinent. Any lady who doesn’t obey this or raises a voice is called a Churail. But it’s high time these stereotypes are broken and if in doing so I become a Churail, yes indeed #MainChurailHoon and very proudly so. This show has embedded this thought deep in me.




Shows like this are a ray of hope to improve the strained Indo-Pak Ties


It was beautiful to see this show shot in Karachi as it feels like they are our own brothers and sisters in terms of culture. Produced by ZEE5 India and shot in Pakistan, this series indeed is a step in right direction in trying to ease the tension between Indian and Pakistan by promoting mutual art and culture.


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Overall, I would say, this show inspires us to embrace the Churail in our self and be the positive face of change the society so desperately needs. It undoubtedly is a must-watch for every woman belonging to the Indian sub-continent. Churails is currently streaming on ZEE5 here.

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