Wednesday 26 August 2020

Global Launch of my 5th Book: Some Milestones turn you Speechless

My precious readers! Words are failing me today to announce to you the global release of my 5th book- ‘Soulful Letters on COVID, For My Future Grandchild.’ It’s an inspirational testimony of the pandemic era for future generations.

When a woman stranded one thousand kilometers away from home for over eighty-three days during a pandemic, decides to document the times in the form of priceless letters for her future grandchild, she indeed creates a  worthy legacy. She puts these letters together in the form of a unique, emotional yet deeply motivating book written straight from the heart. This is the premise behind my latest release and that woman is me~Yours Truly Roma. Honestly, this isn’t a book it is a piece of my heart.

Yes, this book is my personal story of getting stranded in Vadodara, Gujarat where we had gone for some official work and then the lockdown happened. The pandemic has hit the world and for the first time in our lives, we had to fight for basic amenities. You must read this book to know how did we survive and did we manage to reach back home?

I am also glad to share this book has garnered some really awesome initial reviews. My heart is ecstatic reading them over and over again. When your hard work bears fruits, the tiniest success feels the sweetest. I am grateful to everyone for appreciating my work and want to say that I am able to pen my 5th book in most difficult times only thanks to your love and support always. Writing these letters became my source of inspiration during these most difficult times of our lives. Sharing some of the reviews of my book here.

Jayanti Manikandan says: “The author is only in her 30s but she has written the letters so well by feeling and expressing the situation so well. She talks with such love for her grandchild and at the same time explains the pandemic subtly and accurately for a child’s understanding.” Read her full review here.

Surbhi Prapanna feels: “This book is a collection of heartfelt and soulful letters that a granny has written for her grandchild with pure love and care, with a desire to share her experiences and learning during the challenging time of COVID 19. This book will inspire you to write something like this for your grandchild." Her full review can be read here.

Noor Anand  Chawla recommends: “Roma Gupta Sinha’s ‘Soulful Letters on COVID, For My Future Grandchild’ is a sentimental book, recording a personal story of hope and survival in difficult times. I feel that it will appeal to people just emerging from the lockdown. You will identify with her experiences and may feel compelled to share it with your children and grandchildren, so they can enjoy the benefit of her wisdom.” Check out her full review here.

Dipika Singh says: “Roma’s book  ‘Soulful Letters on COVID, For My Future Grandchild’ is a lovely book that brings positivity and hope for the readers. Recording lockdown days into heartfelt letters is a wonderful idea, to share history with future generations. Given a chance, I would too like to keep such records for my future grandchildren." Check out her full review here.

Ruchi Verma announces: It’s always said what we want to transfer wisdom to our coming generation and when we are facing such a tough time of COVID 19 this book is the best way to pass on unforgettable soulful letters to the coming generations. You can read her review here

Sonal Meenal feel: Really loved the way Roma has addressed the grandchild and explains each aspect of the situation positively. They imbibe various values like humanity, positivity, fitness, gratitude and all letters are filled with care. You can read the full article here.

In case you are interested in listening to some beautiful anecdotes from the book, tune in to my interview on the famous show - Razzmatazz with Rashi below. 

I am so indebted with all the love and warmth you guys have given me always. I am giving you a piece of my heart in the form of this book. I trust you will confer it the same love that you have given to my earlier literary outings. 

You can grab a copy of my book here.

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