Thursday 20 August 2020

5 Pro Tips to Choose the Best Baby Liquid Cleanser

Every mother’s top priority is her baby’s protection. She is relentless in choosing the best for her little one. My mantra as a mother is to pick the safest products for my little one. Also, I ensure those products are properly sterilized using the best baby liquid cleanser. Baby bottles etc. have decorations like valves and knots. The milk residue clings on them causing the stinking smell. This can be scary for new moms as babies have a developing Immune system.

Thus, I share with you the five-point powerful criteria I use to select a good feeding bottle sterilizer. 

I trust it helps you choose the best for your baby.


1. Should eliminate milk residues and foul smell


We notice that even if we wash our baby essentials with soap, they don’t get completely rid of the stinking odor. This is proof of the fact that milk residues are rotting in crevices of their surface. This can be really harmful to a little one. So, choose a liquid cleanser for feeding bottles, tumblers, sippers, etc. which completely eliminates milk films, residues and bad smell.


2. Should be chemical and Toxins free


Please check the ingredients of the baby liquid #cleanser before purchasing. The cleanser should not contain harmful toxins like Paraben, Sulphate & Synthetic dyes and Other Potentially Hazardous chemicals. The residue of these chemicals on the baby products may harm a delicate infant. So, avoid them.


3. Preferably a plant-based product


In my eyes the best baby cleanser is the one that is 100% natural and is a plant-based formula. This means that it derives its cleansing properties from the power of Mother #Nature which is gentle for a newborn. Natural products are always the best.

A certified  #naturalbabycleanser which is #plant&pure is always my first choice to secure the best care for my infant.


4. Should be safe, effective and baby-friendly


Being natural and biodegradable ensures the liquid baby cleanser gives an effective cleanse to the material of kids. It also aids in cleaning baby's feeding bottles, pacifiers, toys, milk packets, vegetables and peeled fruits appropriately. So, ensure your cleanser ticks these checkpoints. Pick a cleanser whose ingredients make the formation very gentle, skin, and baby-friendly.



5. Must have antibacterial properties


Harmful bacteria may germinate in rotten milk trapped in unidentifiable corners. Thus, we need to disinfectant the baby product completely using a baby liquid cleanser which has anti-bacterial properties. Also, these anti-bacterial properties help in killing harmful bacteria with natural ingredients, present in baby’s accessories in the form of foodstuff.


The above five-point formula can aid you to pick a worthy liquid cleanser for your baby products as it has always done for me.



Now, let me talk about the liquid cleanser I trust the most


After meticulous research and taking help from my pediatrician, I had picked up a brand that has always kept my trust. I am sure you will like to know about it as I use it extensively around all my childcare needs.


My most favorite brand for getting 100% natural and effective baby products is ‘MOTHER SPARSH’.I particularly recommend MOTHER SPARSH PLANT POWERED NATURAL BABY LIQUID CLEANSER to you. 

It thoroughly cleanses all your baby products and makes them germs free in a completely chemical free way. 

This I am saying based on certain impressive facts about the product, you must know.

Also, let’s check how appropriately it satiates the five-point must-have criteria we listed above.

This reliable #bottlecleanser derives its cleansing properties from Green Apple and Basil

Green Apple contains a considerable amount of fiber. This apple extract is a natural cleanser that is free from toxins and harmful elements

Also, Basil is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-microbial.  This makes this natural cleanser a great choice for sanitizing baby products without any harmful chemicals.

Both of these key ingredients together make it the safest and baby-friendly cleansing liquid.

This natural liquid cleanser by Mother Sparsh comes with the presence of plant-derived ingredients. 

These are highly effective in eliminating milk bacteria, removing tough stains and odor from baby feeding bottles, nipples, and other accessories. Thus it undoubtedly is my first choice.

This #bottlecleanser can #hinchbacteria to perfection and can be used safely across all baby products. 

 The fresh fruity smell of green apple further aids in removing the staunch milk residues smell along with removing the leftover milk films 50% better. Thus, it serves its main purpose well along with being a reliable #cleanserforbacteria.




 Also, as its key ingredients are green apple & basil which are skin-friendly & completely safe, this product is ideal to cleanse all baby essentials. I have been using it for over two years now and can vouch for its quality. Mother Sparsh always promises the highest degree of safety for our toddlers.


 Why I love it the most is, being an ideal cleaning agent, Mother Sparsh Cleansing liquid eliminates even the toughest formula stains, pigments, and residue of milk film using the natural extracts it possesses. These extracts also give a pleasant fresh fragrance. I love the smell.



As a nature lover, I am extremely happy to have found a brand that brings the touch of nature to our babies in the form of a blessing.

I love the fact that #MotherSparsh products made in our country. These products use the best knowledge of plant-derived powerful formulas. So they soothe the tender skin of our infants and this makes them the best #Cleanserforgerms.

Their products are a must try and I genuinely highly recommend them to all of you. 

I have been using them for over two years and all their products are so worthy and genuine. If you are looking for the best baby liquid cleanser your search ends here. MOTHER SPARSH PLANT POWERED NATURAL BABY LIQUID CLEANSER is certainly one of the best.

 It is easily available on their website and I always order it from there. This ensures I get the most authentic products always.

Truly Yours Roma

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