Sunday 16 August 2020

‘SuperHero U’ by GlobalShala, An Inspiring Competition for Kids and Young Adults You Can’t Afford To Miss

Experiential education has the power to change the world. I have always been a huge advocate of practical and thought-provoking learning for our children and young adults and in this context today I want to share with you about a unique competition being hosted by GlobalShala, an Edtech venture.

Their innovative and one-of-its-kind competition is known as ‘Superhero U’ and it strongly aims to cultivate design thinking, entrepreneurship, and innovation to solve global challenges highlighted in the United Nation’s SDGs, among the budding talents of today, with prizes worth $90,000 to be won. The competition is open for Junior (up to 18 years) and Senior (18 years to 25 years).

Why is it so important?

It has impressed me beyond comparison and I felt a deep desire to share about it with you all because:

 Its concept is so out-of-the-box

 In it an individual or team has to invents ‘Superhero’ that essentially takes on universal challenges(on social issues prevalent in our society today) and strives to make the world a better place.

What problems would your superhero confront?

What abilities would he or she have and why?

How would your superhero use their powers to make an impact and deliver meaningful change?  

The Superhero created by them should address all these questions and more! Isn’t it an excellent approach to align the thoughts of our future and current generation in the right direction.


·     Aligned with United Nation’s SDGs on Social Issues

 Very importantly, it encourages the focus on global issues highlighted in the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and paves the way for a new generation of responsible and sound leaders as social entrepreneurs who are passionate about solving a real-world challenge.

·     Competition with a Strong Purpose

 The competition has opened its doors wide for creativity both nationally and internationally and has allowed candidates of all age groups below 25 years of age to bring out the Sociopreneur in them and catalyze their creative thinking and innovation to design their own hero in posters, comic strip, video, or video game featuring their hero to solve a global problem. It’s indeed an unparalleled opportunity and can give them a strong purpose for life.



How one can participate in ‘Superhero U’


Step1: Click on the website .

Step2: After thoroughly reading the guidelines, Press Get Started.


Step3: Click on the new user registration tab below. Submit the Entry.

Step4: Submit your entry, yes it is as easy as this.


Remember the deadline to send your Superheroes on the battlefield of this competition is 18 September’20.


What can one win in ‘Superhero U’

 Across countries, the winners for the same will be awarded prize money worth $90,000 which includes scholarships, global travel, internship opportunities, gift cards, and electronic gadgets. They will be choosing winners from each state and province around the globe too. Honestly, they will win much more through this and add incredible value to themselves through this priceless initiative by GlobalShala.

 As an academician, author of 5 books and as a mom too, I feel ‘SuperHero U’ is indeed a great opportunity, every budding youngster must embrace.

Truly Yours Roma

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