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#Causeachatter 10 Powerful Yoga Asanas for Endometriosis, Weight Loss and Flat Stomach #WeightLosswithRoma

The past few months have been difficult for all of us. The pandemic has taken a toll on our lives and sitting at home and eating at odd hours without any physical movement has further ruined our mental as well as physical health and fitness. Many of us have gained weight and have accumulated a lot of belly fat which we will love to lose. Thus, in this blog post, I bring to you 10 Best Yoga Asanas for Endometriosis,Weight Loss and Flat Stomach which you can do every day in the comfort of your home and stay fit and healthy which is the need of the hour because we know obese people have compromised immunity which is scary in COVID-19 days. Good physical health ensures good mental health too which is equally vital.

In my last post on Healthy #WeightLosswithRoma, I had shared the most effective diet tips for weight loss with you and it is so wonderful to know how it is helping many of you. I am overwhelmed to get Sindhu messages from you all that it has already started showing results. I am taking this series forward today with my third dose for perfect health.

Coming back to our topic for today, Weight Loss Yoga Poses that I am recommending here have worked for me in the past few months when I have lost more than 15 kgs of weight and many inches flab from all over my body including the stomach, thighs, arms and face particularly my tummy which was my pain area. Yoga with Healthy Diet has been my magic pill to have lost weight without any hassles.

In my opinion, Yoga is the best traditional practice for our physical and mental, health, and wellness that we Indians have inherited from our extremely rich ancient culture which has been adopted worldwide.

I call Yoga a gold mine of health because apart from weight loss it gives us so many more priceless benefits like

  • Stress Relief and Calmness
  • Makes us for more flexible
  • Improves our metabolism
  • Multiples our physical and mental strength
  • Helps us improve our immunity
  • Improves our respiration and energy(Check Yoga for Allergies)
  • Improves our medical conditions in the long run
  • Improves our overall fitness levels

A Good Yoga Mat and ComfortableYoga Wear are all we need to commence our Yoga Workout best done early morns at sunrise.

Let’s begin our practice.

Here are the ten powerful Yoga Asanas for losing weight and tummy fat by stimulating the abdomen and other muscles.

1. Suryanamaskars or Sun Salutation

Suryanamaskar is my most favorite of all Asans for it has umpteen benefits for our health. Not only does it warms up our body and but also stimulates the blood flow to all our organs. It stretches and tones all our major muscles, trims our waist, tones our arms, stimulates the digestive system, and balances the metabolism aiding in weight loss. It is a group of 12 Asans done in a flow for a set number of times as per the comfort of your body and a speed that suits you initially. You can gradually increase the speed and number of times you repeat Suryanamaskars and this Asan alone is a full-body workout for a day which can help you lose weight and stomach fat considerably. Please increase the number of Suryanamaskars you do in a day gradually to reap the best benefits. I do these in the form of Power Yoga for about ten minutes every day and it is miraculous in its results. Watch the below video for the right technique to do it.

2. Chaturangadandasana – Plank pose

This is the strongest Asan in terms of building your core strength. In it, you stretch on your fours as indicated in the pic and hold there each time increasing the time you hold. It works intensely on our abdominal muscles, our key focus area for a flatter tummy. It is a little difficult in the beginning but is addictive if you get a hang of it. I do 5 to 10 planks in a day.

How to do Plank Pose Phalakasana | Ekhart Yoga

3. Boat Pose or Navasana

Boat pose is the Asan in which you sit with your legs lifted up and hands stretched out next to them as shown below. It is an excellent Asan which helps in boosting our metabolism and burning calories thus helping in losing weight. Holding in this Asan for as long as you can is the key. I try to incorporate it in my everyday Yoga practice as it is so helpful in toning our core and muscle strengthening too. It has various levels of difficulties, to begin with, you can support your legs with your hands.

Full Boat Pose - Yoga With Dr. Weil

4. Warrior Pose or Virabhadrasana

This is yet another brilliant Yoga posture when you hold one knee bend forward and the second leg backward giving your upper body a backbend with your hands stretched up in namaskar as shown below. It works wonders in toning your thighs, shoulders, and abdominal muscles getting them rid of loose fats. It also works wonders for your posture. I do it in my daily practice of Yoga mandatorily.

Warrior I Pose (Virabhadrasana I) - Yoga Journal

5. Triangle Pose or Trikonasana

Trikonasan is ideal to loose waist and abdominal fat, in it you stretch both your legs and then drop your body each side touching the floor with your hand as depicted below. Hold there for a few seconds and then repeat for the other side. This Asan is also very good for our gut health as it aids in digestion.

Triangle pose – Satya Live Yoga – Southern Tablelands

6. Cobra Pose or Bhujangasan

Bhujangasan helps us loose upper body and abdominal weight as we lie on our stomach face down and then rise up to stretch as shown below. This stretch is also a very relaxing stretch and works wonders for our spine.

Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana) - Yoga Journal

7. Downward facing dog pose or Adho Mukha Svanasana

In this Asan, you have to arch down on all fours like a mountain as shown to give your limbs and stomach a good stretch. Along with helping in losing weight, it also tones our arms, thighs, hamstring, and back and improves our concentration. I do its advanced variations where we can lift each leg backward and sidewards alternatively.

Yoga Pose: Downward Facing Dog |

8. Shoulder stand or Sarvangasana

For the beginners, I recommend you do this Asan with the support of a wall to reap its benefits. In it, you lift your entire body up straight above your shoulders, refer the pic below, initially lift your body as much as you can with the help of a wall. It strengthens our muscles as well as aids in boosting our metabolic rate and digestion. Our weight depends upon how good our metabolism is, the better the metabolic rate, the better shall be our tendency to lose weight. It also helps us get better sleep and respiration.

Sarvangasana Pose | Shoulder Stand Is The Mother Of All Yoga Poses

9. Bow Pose or Dhanurasan

This is indeed one of the most effective Asan to get a flat stomach as it stretches and works magnificently in toning the abdominal muscles. In fact, it is so good for our entire body as in it you arch backward to hold your feet as shown below. It is wonderful for our blood circulation too, me, my husband and son do it mandatorily every day.

Alexandria Crow's New Way to Get Into Bow Pose (Dhanurasana ...

10. Twisted Chair Pose

This Asan is Yogic Squat with a slightly more intense level as in it you get in the sitting position, bringing both your hands in Namaskar mudra and then turn sidewards looking up as indicated in the picture below. Excellent for weight loss, this is super good for toning our abdominal muscles, lymph system, and digestive system.

How To Do Chair Pose with Twist

Regular practice of the above along with eating fresh healthy food together can aid you achieve the desired weight loss, flat stomach, and a lot of bonus benefits in no time. Fulfil your dreams yourself don’t wait for a genie to do so for you.

Truly Yours Roma

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