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Healthy Weight Loss Diet #WeightLossWithRoma

Weight Loss Diet Tips

I commenced my weight loss transformation journey in February this year, as being fitter, stronger and healthier has always been my first priority but post my endometriosis surgery last July, I had gained a lot of weight. Today in July’20, by Almighty’s grace I have lost 15 kgs of weight and feel so comfortable and happy to be slowly and steadily marching towards my health and fitness goals. 

Healthy Weight Loss Diet Tips
Lost 15 kgs in 4 Months

It undoubtedly has taken a lot of sincerity and dedication on my part but the fact that I have done it gradually and consistently is my biggest learning because weight loss is only sustainable when you gradually adapt to a healthy lifestyle permanently and not on fast track fad diets flooding our markets these days. During these COVID-19 days, my fitness journey has been my biggest motivation and I had not abandoned it even for a single day. 

It is so inspiring to lead others with similar goals to commence their journey and start right. Thus, I have weaved together all my learnings in a heartfelt series known as #WeightLosswithRoma wherein I love to share all the tips which have worked wonders for me with you. Its episodes have already released on my IGTV and YouTube channel and also on my blog here. You can just track the hashtag #WeightLossWithRoma on whichever channel you are and reap the benefits.

                             Episode1 on Youtube: Homemade WeightLoss Drinks

In today’s article, I share the most effective healthy weight loss diet tips that have rewarded me appropriately. In fact, inculcating these healthy habits has changed my life.

First of all, understand that a weight loss diet does not mean you have to abandon your favorite food or torcher your taste buds. If you do so that’s going to be your first mistake as by nature we humans are great foodies and nothing can keep up away from good food for long. Ironically, we love our food so much that it often determines our moods too. So what should we do?

Eat everything but customize the way you cook them. Change your cooking medium to olive oil or ghee or coconut or sesame oil and use them appropriately such that you consume 2-3 teaspoons of them in a day. Also, make the shift very gradual, so if you are eating a Potato Parantha for breakfast today, eat Potato Roti with curd tomorrow and the third day may be poha or oats or a sandwich with veggies. The more raw vegetables and fruits you take in your meals, more shall be the weight loss. 

Don’t think that if you eat less you will lose weight, that way you mess with your metabolism, instead eating more but balanced nutrients will aid you to gain strength and lose weight the right way.

"Before you commence you need to tame your mind, to support you in weight loss"

                                                 Episode2: Training your brain to aid you

In my diet I take 5 mini-meals in a day, breakfast, mid-morning, lunch, mid-evening and dinner at fixed times which is most important, in between I have as many glasses of homemade detoxifying health drinks as possible which help my body get rid of all the toxins and aid in losing weight.


In breakfast and in fact in all the meals, I try to incorporate as much variety as possible so that my body can get all essential nutrients and micronutrients it desires for good health. So, yes I try to have something different all 7 days in a week ranging from

  • Vegetable oats
  • Upma
  • Poha
  • Paneer Roti or Sandwich
  • Alu roti with curd or sandwich
  • Eggs sandwich
  • Semolina/Besan Dosa

I try to have my breakfast within ninety minutes of getting up and that is the thumb rule you should try to stick to too as much as possible.


Eating frequent small meals is the most ideal way of nourishing our body and lose weight. Remember avoided packet and junk foods as much as you can and eat whole grains and fresh foods. In mid-morning having, any one of the following helps

  • A handful of nuts like almonds, walnuts, and pistachios
  • An apple or an orange
  • Two Marie Biscuits with Green Tea
  • A glass of Chaach
  • Coconut water

I love all of these and alternate them to keep my cravings satiated. Have it around 11:30 a.m.


Lunch is the time we can goof up if we have a set table and many options, we may also end up taking more servings. So while you can have everything in lunch not all of them can be had together in one meal. So no lentils, veggies, chapatis, rice, desserts all in one meal. Like, I eat any of the below, along with salads.

  • Curd Rice/Curd Oats/ Curd Quinoa
  • Paneer/ Egg/ Chicken Curry with One Chapati(of different flours alternately)
  • Lemon Rice with Sambhar
  • Sautéed Idlis Semolina Multigrain Toast Pizza
  • Sautéed Veg Alu Chaat

You can have anything but in one day just one combination. All of the above are super easy to cook, cook them in a healthy medium like olive oil on low flame to maintain the nutritional value of the ingredients intact, and relish them without being distracted by a medium like T.V. or phone. Dieticians at 'Your diet lounge' have taught me these expert tricks and I will remain grateful to them but remember diets are always available, how sincerely you work on them is what matters. Always assist a healthy diet with 30 minutes of physical activity to increase your metabolism which will aid you to lose weight faster. 

                                                        Episode3: Physical Activity Recommendations

Also, if you have a medical issue it is always advisable you take a professional dietician's help.

Regarding the timings, I have lunch between 1 to 1:30 p.m. and these timings are strictly fixed for me. The discipline matters in everything you do.


I have my mid-evening meal around 4:30 p.m. every day and the things I include in it are one of the following mostly

  • A small bowl of dry roasted foxnuts(makhanas)
  • Peanut chat
  • Bhelpuri
  • Wheatgrass Juice
  • 2 digestive biscuits

Be very wary of the portion size in all of the food items I had recommended, don’t overeat, be mindful of what and how much you are eating, gradually reduce the size of the servings to reach an optimum level.


For me, my dinner determines how my weight will behave that day, so I try to keep it the lightest and mostly salt-free which is one magical weight loss tip which has worked wonders for me. You can gradually reduce it in your dinner and you will be amazed at how it aids you in making us so much fitter and healthier. My dinner choices mostly are one of the following

  • 2 Grilled Toast with Peanut Butter(Unsalted and unsweetened)
  • 1 big glass Oats, Papaya, coconut water smoothie
  • 1 big bowl muskmelon
  • 1 big bowl Papaya sprinkled with ground flax seeds
  • Pasta/Paneer salad

                                                      Episode4: Healthy Weight Loss Diet Tips

So in this post, I have tried to give you an exhaustive list of diet options which may help you lose weight in a healthy manner and also boost your energy. I really hope it helps you in starting your weight loss journey right and then remain consistent with it.

Also, it’s ok to eat out and party occasionally but just watch out for the portion size you are binging on and detox yourself the next day by eating only fruits and smoothies. It really works, I will try to do a post on various detox diets which help me get my weight back on track after a binge or party or when I battle a stuck weight, in the coming posts in this series.

Do let me know if these tips helped you and share with a person who needs this.

Truly Yours Roma

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