Tuesday 2 June 2020

5 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss The Regional Movie Collection On ZEE5

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Being born to a banker dad who was transferred every three years to a new state, over the years, I have developed a strong affinity to the culture, literature and cinema of many different states of India which are now an integral part of me. Take for instance West Bengal, the Bangla language has smitten me ever since I first read Rabindranath Tagore’s works.

Bangla or Bengali cinema is equally rich. I have enjoyed watching Bangla classics time and again but the problem was it was difficult to get access to them when one stayed far away from Bengal but now thanks to the launch of different languages movie collection on ZEE5, I have all my favorite Bangla movies at one place.

Five very significant reasons why each one of us must watch the regional content in our favorite language are enumerated below. I will be talking around the Bangla movies but the reasons very well apply to movies in all other regional languages.

1. It makes us feel so close to our roots
There is no feeling like watching a movie in our regional language, as we are hit by nostalgia and beautiful memories come flashing by. It makes us feel closer to our roots and warms our hearts. Watching a movie in the language we love undoubtedly helps to de-stress, as it gives a welcome change to our ever-thinking minds.

2. The variety is impressive
Regional movies like those in Bangla offer unexpectedly a very wide variety of entertainment in different genres. Right from comedy, drama, thriller to true stories with deep lessons, they have it all made immaculately. I choose a classic according to my mood in my leisure and enjoy it thoroughly. You too can pick the language of your choice and watch your favorite classics there.

3. Helps us learn about various cultures
Watching these flicks with your kids helps them to indirectly learn about different cultures, particularly their own, which has gone a miss during today’s metro based modern lifestyles. This is vital to their all-round development and what better way to do it than while watching a movie which leaves a lasting impact on their impressionable brains.

4. Is a true representative of India’s Unity in Diversity
ZEE5 streams in 12 different languages (Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Punjabi, Bhojpuri, Bengali, Marathi, Malayalam, Gujarati, Odia) and is a true representative of India’s unity in diversity in terms of integrating multilingual content for us at one place. Now a movie in the language of our choice is just a click away on our phones. Can it get easier and more wonderful?

5. It touches the deepest chords of our hearts
We all will agree that a movie in our mother tongue touches the deepest chords of our heart in ways which cannot be weaved in words. If you are not in your state, access was a problem which is now thankfully sorted by ZEE5 which has a beautiful diverse bouquet of the same.

In fact, let me suggest to you, some Bangla classics of varied genres to binge watch in this lockdown. Do watch:

● Abhimaan: If family drama is your favourite category, this heart touching movie showcasing the sweet-sour relationship of a father-daughter will be something you will vouch for. Many years after her daughter marries against his will, how the father plans to mend his ways with her with the help of his grandson is depicted beautifully in this film.

● Manjunath: This movie is a worthy ode to braveheartManjunath, an IIM Lucknow graduate. It rightfully intends to carry forward the late whistle-blower's battle against the system. This is a must-watch to know the true tale of the guy who exposed the oil mafia in UP and got brutally murdered.

● Arogya Niketan: I like this timeless classic for how it unfolds the subtle war between a newly arrived Allopathic doctor in the village and the already successfully practising Ayurveda one. Such subjects are gripping, aren’t they?

● Palatak: Bengali Classics have a way about themselves like this one. In it, Basanta, a bohemian man, has the weird habit of escaping every time without notice. Unaware of the fact that his wife is pregnant, he leaves her to go on another journey. This movie got so much appreciation that it was later made in Hindi too.

All the above movies are a treat to watch. I really hope you too get to watch and re-watch your all-time favourite regional classics now available on ZEE5 and feel closer to our rustic multi-lingual Indian culture, as many times as you wish.

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