Thursday 4 June 2020

#BookReviewSeries Papa and I by Pooja Priyamvada

Last week was my mom’s fourteenth death anniversary and I felt numb as all her fond memories kept stroking my heart at regular intervals. They say time is the best healer but the place of a parent in one’s life can never be filled. I remember every tiny bit about her right from my childhood to the fateful day when I spoke to her for the last time. I had no clue she would go away as she was not even fifty. I was angry with the Almighty for the longest time for taking her  away but later made peace in feeling her presence all around me. Incidentally last week I also commenced reading the ebook, ‘Papa and I’ by Pooja Priyamvada which is her soulful tribute to her dad whom she had lost in March 2015. Reading her blissful words was indeed really comforting.

About The Book 

“Sometimes I think my papa is an accordion. When he looks at me and smiles and breathes, I hear the notes.” - Markus Zusak
Papa & I is a collection of the author’s writings dedicated to her late father. In the middle of the COVID19 pandemic, many people are experiencing the grief of past losses and anticipatory grief of future fears. This compilation is for anyone who has lost a loved one to death, particularly a parent whom they deeply loved.

About the Author 

Pooja Priyamvada is an author, columnist, professional translator and online content and Social Media consultant. She is also an awarded bi-lingual blogger who also offers psychological first aid in India, and has been associated with reputed national and international online addresses. Her translation titled A Night in the Hills, a collection of short stories by Manav Kaul has been published by Westland Books in 2019. Her e-book Mental Health: A Primer is available on Amazon Kindle. She blogs at Second Thoughts First and पार्श्व स्वर.

Number of Pages: 66

Book Cover and Plot 

The cover of the book is the childhood picture of the author in her father’s arms and I feel there can’t be a better cover to the book then this adorable pic from the family albums archive. 

The author owes all that she is today to her dad who has enriched her life immensely with his right teachings and this book is her heartfelt tribute to him in the form of prose, poetry and some random rumblings, precisely the three sections of the ebook which are a compilation of all that she has written for her dad in the last five years from when she has lost him. She defines herself as an interlude between her late dad and her preteen daughter as she endeavours to give her daughter the same self belief enriched upbringing which she was given by her dad. 

My Take On The Book 

Every word penned in this book comes straight from the heart and is so full of emotions and wisdom. The author has dedicated this book to anyone who has lost a near and dear one and I being one of them remembered my mum through all of her compositions and felt them deep within. 

The book commenced with Pooja cleaning her dad’s closet and coming across her letters to him. That’s when she decides to write many more to him in heaven. In the coming chapters she expresses her profound gratitude to him for making her the strong woman that she is today. How he teaches her about menstrual periods and body positivity and takes pride in who her daughter is, are beautifully weaved. How I wish everyone on this earth has a father like hers who teach their daughters to have their heads firmly on their shoulders. As a reader I felt touched by how he aided her to become a bibliophile early on in life and did everything to make her an evolved human being.

Sometimes I feel a parent is a parent, whether he or she is a mom or dad is immaterial, it is the society and our patriarchy which has defined the roles so  stubbornly that a father has to be rigid and strong and a mother soft and cuddling. They have the same heart beating in them which cares unconditionally for the well being of their little one.

In my opinion, the poetry section is the strength of this book. There is a plethora or varied hues of a daughter’s emotions for her dad in these. Some of the compositions which really touched my heart are Keepsakes, Letting Go and Never Again.

Another beautiful aspect depicted here in is the beautiful relationship of her daughter with her dad, she believes her little one perhaps had one of the most wonderful grand-pas. Their love for each other is so precious and is subtly weaved in relatable words. 

I could relate every ounce with the book for like the author believes that her father though not in body but in soul is always around her to bless her and guide her, I too feel the same about my mum and we both are so rejoiced to see them watching over us.

Language and Narration

The language of the book is soft and subtly personal. There is no dramatic buildup and words have oozed out of author’s heart with lots of love and warmth. It is a heart-touching read and warms your heart too at several junctures.

The narration is autobiographical as it depicts some of the most precious chapters from the author’s life. It also succeeds in giving all of us tips on worthy parenting. I have added some to my parenting goals after reading this soulful tribute.

I wish the author many more such literary outings to touch our hearts and all the best for her glorious future. 

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I strongly recommend this book to everyone. You can download a copy here.

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