Thursday 27 February 2020

5 Reasons I Loved Code M on ZEE5

Image Courtesy: Video Streaming Platform ZEE5

I am often glued to ZEE5 originals and more often than not, am in love with the extraordinary concepts of their shows. The variety intrigues me and binge-watching their series is my current latest pass time. Lately, I devoured their Original Thriller Web Series called Code M staring my favorite Jennifer Winget in the lead role and of my what an absolute delight it turned out to be. It is created and produced by Juggernaut Productions and is in Hindi language.

Here are my earnest 5 cents of why I loved it to the core.

The Lead 

In Code M, Jennifer has played an Indian army lawyer Major Monica Mehra. Words fail me to express, how impeccably she has portrayed the role and am in awe of her for making such a grand digital debut through ZEE5. They indeed are one of the best launch pads of today’s times. Undoubtedly, she was the first reason I could not resist this show and I am so glad she didn’t let me down. Loved how she only got better and better as the character of the no-nonsense army personnel evolved, in this gripping show which actually has quite a mysterious name.

The Plot 

Secondly, what also fascinated me was the plot of the series. The storyline revolves around Monica being assigned a military encounter case which appears an open and shut one prima facie, by her superior, Col. Suryaveer Chauhan (played by Rajat Kapoor) but her deep-rooted investigations unfold such concealed secrets that they send ripples around the entire army and of course chills of uncertainty down our spines too. Her rendezvous with her ex-boyfriend Legal Counsel Angad Sandhu (played by Tanuj Virwani) and their maturity in respecting each other as the story unfolds gets really worth rooting for.

The Cliffhangers 
The series has eight gorgeous episodes and forces you to watch all in one go as each episode ends at a cliffhanger and one can’t resist the temptation to check what happened next. The seasoned performances make it impossible for me to lift my eyes off-screen even for a moment. It indeed was some good piece of writing and screenplay. I am sure you are going to love it too.

Image Courtesy: Video Streaming Platform ZEE5

The Nuances  

The nuances in the show are executed to perfection and are very unique and relatable. For me, they were the foundation of this memorable mini-series that has left me asking for more in its forthcoming seasons which I am sure would have already been conceptualized.

The Message 

The value of a show multiples for me if it leaves its viewers with a thoughtful message and this series does that at multiple levels. If you love meaningful emotional thrillers with loads of drama topped with hard-hitting realistic take to shake you up and yet enjoy them to the core, this one is for you. A totally entertaining series, it is a must-watch guys, go for it!

If you are wondering what’s the mystery behind the name of the show ‘Code M, well, I have already given out too much on it and this is for you to dig out yourselves! So what are you waiting for .. check out Code M on ZEE5 and I bet you are gonna love it as much as I did!

Truly Yours Roma

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