Wednesday 18 March 2020

5 Recommendations for Endometriosis Patients

I commenced blogging in 2014 with a strong purpose of being the voice of Indian women and contribute to their empowerment in whatever tiny way I can and I am so glad that I am in the seventh consecutive year of this worthwhile journey. My most favorite partner in this drive has been the Blogchatter community and this entire year I will be writing on women health a part of their #CauseAChatter initiative which aligns my goals with theirs perfectly and aids the cause I dedicate my life to reach a wider audience.

In Women Health I will be focusing on creating awareness around the medical ailment Endometriosis which every one in ten women of the world suffer from. Since I am one of them whose life has been crippled by this extremely painful medical condition for over a decade, my sincere endeavor through this series is to create knowledge about this disease which contributes vehemently to infertility among women. Earlier I had written about 

that can help one seek medical advice right at the onset of the disease without delaying it to its later stages which require repetitive surgeries. Do read it if you have excessive pain or bleeding during your menstrual cycles. Today,  I am writing on five recommendations I have for Endometriosis patients based on my own learning from suffering from it over the years.

(If you are here for the first time, Endometriosis is a gynecological condition in women where the uterine tissues grow outside of the uterus everywhere and the menstrual blood spatters inside and glued the organs together. Its cause is not known nor is there a medicine to cure it. It can only be controlled partially through hormonal medicines and injections which have far-reaching side effects. The effects of alternate medicines despite repetitive claims have not been established so far. The only treatment of this disease is full hysterectomy or when a woman stops menstruating. Any number of cleaning Laparoscopic surgeries in between give relief for a limited period in most cases) 

1. Eat Right: Fat aggravates the crippling pain which paralyzes our life as well as the life of our family. Eating light, loads of fruits and vegetables, sipping ginger turmeric tea, avoiding junk 100%, no dairy, no tea or coffee, no alcohol whatsoever and keeping a check on our weight helps a lot in battling this lifestyle linked disorder every day. I know it is very difficult as our medicines are piling weight on us but this really is the first step to the holistic management of this disease. I will surely share recipes of home remedies soon that are helping me fight this monster.

2. Exercise or Movement: Taking care of ourselves is the key to the effective management of Endometriosis. Whenever you can take long walks, do yoga, meditate or do mild exercises. Heavy gymming is highly not recommended for it might aggravate bleeding as your inside is already inflamed and fragile. There are a lot of yoga poses that help in relaxing the colicky cramps.

3. Hot water fermentation bags: Though we can’t avoid popping painkillers at times, refrain from them as much as you can, instead use hot water fermentation frequently and loads of rest during episodes of pain or cramping or heavy bleeding. Also, stay in touch with your trusted gynecologist as sometimes excessive or tap like sudden bleeding can baffle us and also cause a drop in our hemoglobin.

4. Train your family: It is impossible to fight this chronic condition without the support of your family as there might be days when you can’t get out of bed. Those days help from a spouse or your children shall be vital and they will be able to take better care of you if you have explained to them how you feel and what support you need well. Making them independent and also teaching them to feed themselves and mom some sandwiches or fruits when she is sick really relieves a lot of pressure. 

5. Indulge in things that make you happy: I have come to realize that diverting our attention to something we absolutely love helps to secrete happy hormones in our body which in turn makes us feel better. Write, paint, binge-watch, shop, talk to a friend or family member whatever makes you happy on the inside, do it and feel good. This shall help you get on your feet quickly. 

Please note that I am not a medical practitioner, whatever I have shared here is based on my own long battle and management of the disease. I really hope it helps someone somewhere battling it.

This post is a part of a year long #Causeachatter initiative on Blogchatter where in I will be penning on Women and Kids Mental Health exhaustively. If you too wish to associate with this #Causeachatter initiative of Blogchatter and blog for a purpose you can register here.

Truly Yours Roma

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