Saturday 21 March 2020

How to stay sane during the hard #Coronavirus Times

how to stay sane in coronavirus times
It won’t be an exaggeration to say that these are one of the most testing times for all of us with not only the fear gripping us furthermore with each passing day but also a bigger responsibility at home with schools and offices shut down. The little bit help that we had,  we had to give them off too for their and our safety thus it’s natural that we lose our minds gradually. However, we can transform this situation in our favor by following some simple ideas. I quickly enumerate my recommendations for you below, hope they help. 

1. Take some Me Time Early Morn: Often getting up late in the morn make us go berserk and crazy with the routine going haywire. Instead set an alarm to get up early and give some time to yourself like I love writing, which I am doing at 7a.m. now when the #JantaCurfew of 22nd March has just begun. Before that, I did a little bit of walk, yoga and guided meditation and my mind is at peace and my heart is smiling. You may also enjoy a hot water shower or applying a homemade face pack, if you are a YouTuber or blogger, shoot early morn, fresh and full of energy. This one hour will induce life in you and I insist you keep this me time and do what you love the most first and start the day on a happy note.

2. Schedule and allocate responsibilities: If the workload with no domestic help and everyone at home is taking a toll on you, please sit with your family and distribute work to each one as per their caliber. Put a daywise chart on the refrigerator where each one ticks what they have completed. The one who completes all his tasks first gets to decide the menu for the next day😊. The kids sure are going to enjoy this and of course, the spouse will genuinely like to help. 

3. Try to find smart solutions to cooking needs: If you find too much of cooking very cumbersome like me, find smart solutions where all major cooking for the day is finished in one hour. Like make some yum Sambhar will loads of veggies and idlis and everyone can take as per their comfort. You can make dosas or uttapam in the evening and warm the Sambhar without much hassle and will also be saved from another heap of utensils ready to wash. 

4. Play and have fun with family: This is so important, play all the possible games with them and enjoy a hearty laugh or watch your favorite movies together to feel rejuvenated and keep the happy hormones secreting in your body. The overall positivity on the house is key in these times when everyone feels stifled at home.

5. Take rest in between and read your favorite book: Since you have got up early, never forget to rest in between and roll on the bed with a good worthy book which has been on your mind for a while. Take a power nap, it will double your energy and prevent you from sulking by the end of the day.

Try these dears and take care of yourself. Remember you are the backbone of the family, stay strong and happy.

Truly Yours Roma

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