Friday 6 December 2019

Latest and trending fashion in wedding dresses

When it comes to weddings in Chennai, there are two topics that have the most buzz and discussions surrounding them. The first is the best wedding halls Chennai and the second is bridal wear. With these two elements dominating the wedding industry, I’ve observed that wedding attire for grooms is unfairly ignored. What most people don’t realise is that the field of Indian wedding dresses for grooms is as vast as brides. 
From the style of the garment to the colour, from the texture to the attire, grooms-to-be can play around with a lot of things to find their kind of wedding attire. The debonair man only has to look as far as Ranveer Singh or the Bachchan duo to see the variety of options available in the market. 
So, for all the men who are not afraid of making a statement on the D-day or try new things, here is my take on wedding attires.

1. A standout jacket for the win

As I flip through wedding photos, one aspect jumps out. Grooms are generally in a black, navy or, at the most, grey suits. The colour of the jackets is limited to these shades. Thankfully, there is a whole slew of other tones grooms can try. Pick hunter green if the wedding is in the winter to break the monotony or choose a pastel shade if the wedding is in the summer. 
Colour is not the only choice; grooms can create a standout jacket by choosing a different type of fabric. Think linen for summers, and brocade and velvet for winters.

2. A dhoti kurta will always be best

I do not doubt that a conventional dhoti kurta will remain the ever-green look for Indian grooms. Somehow the classic appeal of the attire will never go out of vogue. It is not only an effortless attire to wear, but it also instantly makes the man appear like a groom.
For the gent, who wants to bring a little twist to the traditional garment, I recommend styling the kurta differently. Instead of the usual lighter colours, go for bold. Better yet, get the groomsmen to colour coordinate with the groom’s dhoti-kurta to create the most fantastic photos!
3. An embellished dupatta can do wonders

Who says that only brides can have outfits embellished six ways to Sunday? Grooms can bring jazz to their attire by completing their sherwani with an embellished stole. I think the trick is to go for elegant motifs that are lightly scattered across the dupatta and the groom will be ready to flaunt it!

4. A royal Jodhpuri style dress for the groom

Quite similar to sherwanisJodhpuris have riding pants as the bottom instead of a chudidar. The regal dress for the royals of Rajasthan, Jodhpuri is apt to wear for a wedding. The thigh-length coat gives a stylish look. The pants, tight at the calves and loose above the knees are very comfortable, especially when the groom has to sit cross-legged during the pheras.
To spruce up the dress, I advise adding an amazing Safaand a brooch to the coat. If a groom selects Jodhpuri for the reception or engagement, then go for lighter fabrics with subtle shading. 

5. Ombre style is perfect for any groom attire

The trend of creating a colour gradient in the bride’s dress has become quite the norm by now. I feel it is high time grooms jump in on the style. Try a sherwani that slowly blends light shades into a darker tone for an elegant look. 
By staying away from the usual, solid coloured kurta or sherwani, the groom can have stylish attire. The ombre style need not be limited to the wedding. A groom can rock it for any of the functions, particularly a day ceremony.  
There are a number of trends grooms can utilise to bring a new flavour to their wedding attires. The ones I have listed above are just to give you a head start. The good news is that the fusion look, a combination of traditional and modern, is really popular right now. So, don’t limit the groom’s wedding dress to the basic styles, opt for something unique and outstanding.

Truly Yours Roma

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