Saturday 7 December 2019

A writer’s soul weaved into words

You know what pure writing is, it is to just let whatever emotions flood your heart flow out unconditionally, on a piece of paper without any fear of being judged for it or the urge to customise it for whatever reasons. That is what gives a writer's heart absolute bliss and contentment. Have been in this zone for quite a few times in past weeks and it won’t be appropriate if I don’t post those heartfelt pieces here on my blog, my live diary and my breathing space. The first one is for my mom who lives far far away in heaven, the picture above is of the bridge which one day will bring her back or take me to her or at-least I believe so.

Everyone has a mom
But I don’t have one
Why did you go away so early
I feel lonely without you maa

All I need is you
Running your fingers through my hair
If I make a mistake
You scold me hard rather than making a sullen face

And then forgive me like you always did
serving me my favourite rice and kadhi
It would taste of your fingers and your love
I never realised I am gonna miss your fingers so so much

Many years have passed
and perhaps I have grown up
Everyone expects me to act in a certain way
Mature and forgiving and perfect always

I am no more allowed to make mistakes
If I make I have to bear the repercussions in many hurtful ways
I still always try to spread a sunshine smile
But inside my heart yearns for your hug warm and tight

It craves for your chest where I can rest my head
And weep to my heart’s content
Everyone has a mom
But I don’t have one

The world is not the same after you have gone
For you were my magic talisman
Everything something went wrong
All I needed was to call you on your phone

Your precious smiles were my cool shade
In bitter, scorching and testing sunny life
The day you dressed me into a bride
Now I realise why my heart cried

I was such a baby
I thought whenever I wished to you I will fly
Never realised just a few months later
You will take a final flight to a land I can never find

The last time I heard your voice
I just thought you are little sick and will be fine
Why does God take away all good people so early
He forgets they too have a family

Your sweet voice still echoes in my mind
I love my dreams where you I always find
Smiling and caressing my tresses
Hearing my endless banter without judging

The irony is when I get up
You are nowhere to be found
Scared, I close my eyes back
But you have already left

Everyone has a mom
But I don’t have one
Why did you go away so early
I feel lonely without you maa

If only I can meet you once today
Even if it is for a few minutes
I will hug you tight and not leave your hand
Smother you with kisses and fake an anger asking where you went

I will cry and smile at the same time
For the tears won’t know
They rolled out of joy or sorrow
That emotion shall be divine

When I will hold my mom
I am sure you are listening up there
Do come down and meet me once
Thirteen years without you are way too long

Everyone has a mom
But I don’t have one
Why did you go away so early
I feel lonely without you maa....

The second one I wrote last week was for my husband on our anniversary as a tribute to our love, which goes like this.

Happy 14th wedding anniversary my love
Today is the best day to raise a toast to our sweet and sour yet delectable  bond

Thank you for giving me a truck load  of precious memories
and a life full of our affectionate banter

Feels good to look back
At our friendship of 20 years

Walking together embracing each other’s imperfections
Agreeing to disagree and still moving on

No more teens but still cuddling
Chuckling at all our PDA criticism

I agree I am a tough nut you have cracked
I too have handled the fragile you with utmost care

We no more fight(ok we do sometimes),
Perhaps have become more mature and wise

You know what’s the best part of my day
Taking with you those early morn strides

May we walk together like this together forever till the horizon
Without a word said, our silence speaking

This life has become special because you are in it
With you I wanted to grow old

And see how wonderfully we are doing it
As everyday gracefully unfolds

In your arms, life is so warm
Sorry for making you angry so many times

I must be grateful to you for keeping the child me alive
Need I say I love you to the moon and back a zillion times


The third one is a small wish I made for my sonny precious on children’s day, here it goes

Soaked in your innocence and smiles
Life has always been a delight

Mum has always been short of words
To express what you mean to her

My sunshine, my guiding light
You are the power who always keeps me upright

With you my precious little angel
Life is indeed priceless and beautiful

With you my little one
I have lived my childhood again multiple times

Weaved uncountable memories
That warm my heart every time

You have kept the child in me alive
And given a wonderful meaning to my life

Today is children’s day , a day of every child
And I wish you whole heartedly the same my life

You fill my heart so much with pride
May you always shine and rise

Let every thorn of your life prick me thrice
But never try to bother you even once in a while

May all the roses of my life
Give you thrice as much comfort wherever you reside


All three are different overwhelming moments of the same heart which oozed out in words uninterrupted. Would love if you can recommend a title to any one of the above all any two or all three. The same shall be updated in this post courtesy your name.

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